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RSK Infrastructure Framework Releases an Open-Source and Interoperable Identity Solution

Rootstock (RSK) has released the Self Sovereign Identity solution with an in-built data vault for storing verifiable credentials in the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

RIF Identity Developer Library and Repos

Under the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) Identity Developer Library and Repos, developers can now integrate the open-source Self Sovereign Identity solution into their projects without charges.

RIF Identity is the identity and reputation layer within its ecosystem. With this option, users have more autonomy over their decentralized digital identities, enabling them to securely interact with burgeoning decentralized economies while keeping their privacy secure.

The solution offers verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers interoperable and in line with Web3 Foundation’s VC and DID standards. It is also compatible with ERC1056 (uPort), allowing for the building of GDPR compliant dApps with lower overheads.

The interface also acts more like an interface in Ethereum that is standardized for interoperability and adoption purposes. Notably, uPort is the most supported DID dApp in Ethereum and is developer-centric. It supports QR code scanning for connection to other dApps and approval of transactions.

At the moment, the Centralized IPFS pinner of the data vault is ready. However, RIF plans to add Decentralized IPFS/Swarm and Centralized Database in the future. All of them will be compatible with Ethereum, RSK, and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The Need for Verifiable Credentials and Full Control of DID

In the real world, credentials are indispensable. They could represent information related to a subject, mean authority, or even the attributes asserted by the issuing authority about the subject.

By extension, a verifiable credential can reflect the same information that a physical credential represents. The integration of technology introduces an edge to credentials, making them more tamper-evident and more trustworthy.

The RIF Identity’s solution will be by design, user-focused, and credential holders will have complete control of their digital identifiers.

With control, the chances of tampering or attempts by third parties to infringe privacy will be completely minimized. By controlling the DID, holders have greater sovereignty. At any time, they need only reveal one aspect of their credentials to the verifier when required.

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