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PriFi Project Offshift Rebrands as Its Mainnet Approaches

Seychelles, February 7th, 2021 – Offshift, the decentralized finance project building a fully private derivatives platform, has unveiled plans for a major rebrand. The makeover will see Offshift’s web and social presence revamped, complete with detailed documentation as the project’s mainnet launch approaches.

Slated to go live in late February, the Offshift rebrand will include a brand new whitepaper, pitch deck, and other critical documentation. However, the project’s core value proposition – to use its proprietary private derivatives platform to catalyze the development of on-chain Private Finance (PriFi) – will remain unchanged. The new website and public communications will establish a modern, unified presence that will strengthen the Offshift brand, making it more professional and recognizable.

Following the launch of Offshift’s rebrand, the project team will return their focus to delivering on the milestones laid out in its 2021 roadmap, including its highly anticipated mainnet launch. Scheduled to go live in April 2021, the Offshift mainnet will support the minting of zkBTC and zkXAU zkAssets, allowing users to stake a claim in various assets while remaining on the Offshift platform atop Ethereum and Substrate.

Built using the zkERC20 Confidential Token Standard, Offshift brings privacy to the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems accessible to everyday users, including consumers and businesses. zkAssets prevent third parties from surveilling users’ financial information, thanks to the security provided by zero-knowledge (zk) proofs. Zk proofs allow transactions to be independently verified without disclosing any additional data, such as the amount being transferred, or the identities of involved parties.

Offshift’s rebrand will complement the technical development that the project is rapidly rolling out on both Ethereum and Moonbeam, Polkadot’s EVM-compatible parachain. With development work currently ahead of schedule, the Offshift team is on course to deliver promptly on its ambitious roadmap and usher in a new era for on-chain privacy.

About Offshift

Offshift is a cryptographically private offshore storage & DeFi protocol on Ethereum, and the first dual-sided public/private protocol to be built entirely on a permissionless chain. It gives users the ability to convert a native ERC-20 token (XFT) into private zkAssets that are pegged to a variety of digital and real-world assets.

zkAssets provide stable-value private storage, and in the near future can be staked to earn zkAsset rewards, used as a peer-to-peer private currency, and used in eCommerce and point-of-sale. Learn more by visiting the links below.

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