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Price of bitcoin today in dollars

Price of bitcoin today in dollars

Bitcoin really began to take off in 2013, trading at around $13.50 per bitcoin. The price rallied in beginning of April 2013 to get to $220 and above which was only temporal. Bitcoin dropped back down to around $70 that same April. Now, this was the first real crash for bitcoin.

By October 2013, it was trading at around $100-$195. In November, the price rose to over $1,120. By December, the price reached a high of $1,230 and also fell to $750 within a couple of days.

price of bitcoin today in dollars

In January 2014, trading stabilized to $920. Although there was another major crash in February; the currency which traded at $911 fell to $260 by February end. However the price once again recovered by March that same year trading at $620.

The month of July also saw a decline in the currency’s price. From $600 bitcoin fell to $315 in the begining of 201 after which it was stable to some extent.

In October 2015, the currency saw a little increase from $275 to $460. By the end of November, the currency was trading at $360. 2016 was a good year for bitcoin as the currency broke through $1000 in 2017 on a steadily increase.

The price of bitcoin broke through $5000 and even doubled in 2017. Then in December that same year, the price reached nearly $20,000. However a few weeks later the price fell so fast, going down to $7,000 and even $3,500 by November 2018.

In 2019, bitcoin has seen a new page in price and volume, having risen to around $10,000.


There are multiple ways to exchange Naira for Bitcoin. Many of them include trading with other users. Bitcoin could be exchanged for Naira via gift cards. This can be done using the local mobile systems.

According to CoinCola, the simplest way to complete an exchange no matter what payment method is involved is via OTC platform. This stands for “Over The Counter”.

An advantage of using CoinCola is that a person can use which ever payment he wishes; gift cards, bank wirrs etc.

In addition, CoinCola also has an exchange platform where coin pairs are traded without any transfer of funds anywhere else.

As at time of reporting, bitcoin is traded at $9,814.68 in Dollar and #3,567,252.69 in Naira. That’s the current bitcoin price in usd


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