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New Authentication Protocol

Among the currently existing cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so on, CloudCoin has proven to be the only cloud currency that is decentralized, 100% private, and unable to be counterfeited.

What is CloudCoin?

CloudCoin is the first digital cloud currency that cannot be counterfeited, controlled, tracked or stolen. CloudCoins cannot be double spent, mined or lost. They are 100% private, requiring no public ledgers, accounts or encryption.

CloudCoin is a completely fair, decentralized and ethical monetary system that is not owned or controlled by anyone.

CloudCoin is based on the new patented RAIDA technology.

RAIDA: New Authentication Protocol

RAIDA technology is a new authentication protocol which has data supremacy and is quantum resistant based on post-blockchain technology.

RAIDA – Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents was invented by computer scientist Sean H. Worthington and developed by the CloudCoin Consortium team.

The RAIDA is the first true cloud-based authentication system to have data supremacy and to be quantum resistant.

Enabling basic freedoms, like financial freedom and freedom of speech, is essential to RAIDA and the CloudCoin Consortium.

CloudCoin Consortium

The CloudCoin Consortium is a non-profit organization. It is a group of businesses and individuals from around the world who have recognized that the protection of personal data and the preservation of free speech are challenges faced by modern society.

The CloudCoin Consortium is not a legal entity. It has no bank accounts. It has no headquarters. The Consortium is best described as a Libertarian organization made up of individuals whose primary goal is freedom. It is a movement that is not just talking. It is taking action. The Consortium was a sponsor at the 2018 and 2019 Freedom Fests in Las Vegas and will participate again this year as a Gold Sponsor, with Sean Worthington being among the speakers who will participate in panels and other events.

The Idea Behind the Original Project

The individual or entity, Nakamoto, was the first to solve what computer scientists call “the physical integrity problem,” allowing for the creation of the first widely accepted cryptocurrency that could not be copied or double-spent.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT, also known as blockchain) was promoted as a solution for every problem, from currency inflation to world hunger to global warming.

The hype has not been the reality.

Blockchain technology has been hampered by unreasonably slow transaction times, the inability to efficiently scale up to handle societal needs, and overly complicated and dangerous consensus paradigms.

Blockchain applications are also immensely harmful to the environment, consuming more electricity each day than used by many nations.

DLT has failed to deliver on its promise to become a transformative innovation.

The Next Generation

We are already in a post-blockchain environment. The next generation of technology to shield data transmission, stop counterfeiting, ensure privacy, safeguard financial security and protect intellectual property will be effective only if it is quantum safe and provides solutions to the blockchain’s problems with scalability, efficiency, governance and ecological sustainability.

The CloudCoin Consortium has developed applications based upon the next generation of technology and is now the world’s only quantum safe technology that solves these security problems and more.

That technology platform is RAIDA – Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents.

Most authentication protocols require one password to be given to one server that is checked against one database.

The RAIDA uses many passwords against many different servers, each with a no-share database.

RAIDA has already proven its value and significance as the backbone of CloudCoin, the world’s fastest and most secure post-blockchain digital cloud currency.

CloudCoin is the native currency of the RAIDA network. There have not been, nor will there ever be, any ICOs or fundraising rounds.

This means that CloudCoin is not obligated to investors, and since the RAIDA network features are free to the Consortium, all CloudCoin transactions are free to the users.

CloudCoin is now just beginning to be utilized as a means of exchange throughout the world and already has a market capitalization exceeding $30 million.

RAIDA technology is challenging existing players in the DLT space with this amazing post-blockchain solution. Here are a few key statistics about RAIDA:

• It is 23,000 times faster than blockchain and will reach 8 million transactions per second (8 mil. TPS).

• It is (3e+21) three-sextillion times more secure than blockchain and simply cannot be hacked or compromised, even by quantum computers.

• It is 41,000 times more efficient than blockchain, which means less cost to the user and less damage to the environment.

• Unlike blockchain, RAIDA is fully scalable. It actually grows faster and becomes more efficient as the network grows.

RAIDA is Quantum Safe

First, RAIDA does not have a public ledger which acts as an entry point for anyone trying to decrypt it. RAIDA does not have a public key. It is not in any way public.

Second, when CloudCoins are transmitted, the coin’s self-contained code is “sharded” or fragmented into 25 pieces, then fragmented again, making each of them meaningless on their own. If a hacker were to capture one of the RAIDA servers, they would only be in possession of 1/32 of 1/25th of the authentication data.

Since the system works on a decentralized consensus basis, a hacker would simultaneously need to first find and then decrypt a majority of the servers. If one or a few servers were to be decrypted, it would not give the attempted hacker ownership of any coins.

In order to crack a CloudCoin, the Authenticity Numbers of a majority of the RAIDA would need to be guessed.

The complexity of a CloudCoin’s make-up further ensures the near impossibility of hacking. Each CloudCoin is made up of 400-bytes of code with 16-bytes per line. Each of those lines is made up of a 16-byte password that is 100% random. Each of the 25 lines is sent to a different core server.

The core server cuts or “shards” the 16-byte lines into smaller pieces that get sent to sub-servers, which are also hidden around the globe. Then, just as too many failed attempts to secure the correct password of a website will lock a user out, so this platform has a similar safeguard.

The RAIDA has a bottleneck that limits the number of guesses to 8 million transactions per second. With such bottlenecks, the calculations required are mathematically phenomenal. It would take more guesses than there is time in the universe.

Alternatively, the public ledger does not have a bottleneck.

With a public ledger, a hacker could make as many guesses as they had servers. If a hacker has a football field full of supercomputers (like the NSA), they could guess trillions of combinations per second. Theoretically, a hacker could guess all combinations within two minutes and crack the blockchain.

The Future of Digital Currencies is Here

RAIDAtech and its native digital currency, CloudCoin, are the post-blockchain technology which have the potential to transform the lives of all individuals everywhere around the globe. An ethical currency made readily available to ordinary people, which is 100% private, which cannot be counterfeited or double-spent, and which is decentralized, will empower people everyone to live their lives in financial freedom.

May 12, 2020 — The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) officially issued the patent protecting RAIDA and CloudCoin.

This is momentous news for CloudCoin and RAIDA technology! The USPTO approval is a strong affirmation of the value of the underlying protocol as a novel system for authentication, as well as for its use as a blockchain alternative or possible amelioration/supplement to overcome blockchain inefficiencies. This is the first proven technology for Cloud Digital Currency to receive a patent in the World.

This is the biggest advancement in the field of alternative currency since Bitcoin over a decade ago. This is a fast Cloud-based Digital Technology that is focused on use. It is not dependent upon encryption, or miners and as a result, has the following benefits:

RAIDA can process millions of transactions per second. (The highest velocity in the world – up to 8M TPS). RAIDA transactions require less bandwidth, processing power, hard drive storage, or energy than any other payment system (Visa, PayPal, Debit Cards, Western Union, Bank Transfers, and even Cash).

RAIDA can process the world’s entire transactions concurrently. (CloudCoin – the native currency of RAIDA network – most scalable currency in the world). Transactions take less than 2 seconds on average (Quickest Payment system in the world). The RAIDA used by CloudCoin requires less than .5 seconds.

RAIDA cannot be manipulated, corrupted, or controlled by governments, or banks (payment system with the most integrity in the world). No systemic risk of failure.

100% up-time (most available payment system in the world). Requires no user accounts, logins, or user passwords (easy to use). No tracking of payments (CloudCoin – most private currency in the world).

No permanent loss of currency (CloudCoin – the only currency that can be recovered if lost)

No systemic risk of theft. (CloudCoin – safest currency in the world)

No transaction fees (RAIDA and CloudCoin ready for retail micropayments)

RAIDA and CloudCoin can “crossover” into video games and virtual reality. (CloudCoin -Worlds only crossover currency)


The patent request was submitted in 2017 and during the three-year patent process, a world-wide cloud network was established that is similar to the 13 core cloud servers supporting the DNS but has 25 core servers in 20 different countries. The years between patent submission and issuance were spent on further developments and continual improvements that have the potential of issuing in a whole new view of what an ethical currency is and how that could benefit a world economy that is in desperate need. This technology makes possible worldwide economic and ecological scaling a reality and could create a rich and much-needed renaissance.

The Bottom Line

The RAIDA does everything that the Blockchain does, only much faster, more reliable, and far more efficient. The RAIDA is, and more nodes and networks can be brought on to perform all the world’s transactions within milliseconds. Work is a distributed amount more nodes instead of requiring each node to do more work (like Blockchain). The cost of electricity and operation is 3000 times less than the Blockchain. All data can be stored in RAM. The RAIDA is 100% quantum-safe; fault-tolerant; can withstand government attacks and hackers. The RAIDA is scalable and ready for integration with retail.

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