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Pebble Tracker Launches, Seeks to Transform the Multi-Billion Global Tracking Industry

Officially launched on Crowdsupply, Pebble Tracker generates blockchain-ready verifiable data by combining Nordic Semiconductor’s tamper-proof hardware and IoTeX’s tamper-proof software. Pebble Tracker is available for public sale on Crowd Supply.

What is the Pebble Tracker?

Pebble Tracker launches after over one year of development.

It is a battery-powered, Internet-of-Things (IoT) prototyping platform driven by open-source firmware that powers IoTeX-based dApps with end-to-end trust.

The device combines IoTeX and Nordic Semiconductor’s tamper-proof software and hardware. Therefore, it is launching a blockchain-powered smart asset tracking device that generates verifiable data becoming the first in the industry.

The product is a merger between the two established powerhouses. IoTeX’s specialty, especially in trusted hardware, Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity, and privacy-enhancing services, will be brought to the fore. Their objective is to transform the $16 billion global tracking industry.

Secure and Private by Design

Of note, the device employs the adage, “security and privacy by design.”

Accordingly, it can, in real-time, capture real-world data such as location and weather and cryptographically signs them using an in-built secure element.

The Pebble Tracker also incorporates Nordic Semiconductor low-power nRF9160 System-in-Package (SiP) and a long-range wireless cellular IoT solution.

Accordingly, it means the device can function anywhere with cellular coverage, efficiently transmitting location data and an array of data from their rich sensors.

Commenting, Raullen Chai, the CEO of IoTeX, said:

“Tamper-proof hardware meets tamper-proof software. Pebble Tracker unleashes the power of verifiable data and establishes a new standard for trust. The importance of oracles providing verifiable data has become increasingly evident in areas such as Decentralized Finance.”


“With Pebble Tracker, we are thrilled to take this to the next level, where brand-new verifiable datasets from IoT devices are brought to the blockchain so that they can be mined to create value in applications and AI models.”

Along similar lines, J. Darren O’Donnell, Director of Sales – Americas, Nordic Semiconductor, said:

“Every IoT application needs security and reliability, and with Nordic and IoTeX technology, Pebble Tracker owners get the best of both worlds. The sophisticated combination of reliable hardware and secure software has the potential to transform the asset-tracking industry by providing vital verifiable data from an IoT device.”

Powering IoTeX dApps

The combination of data privacy and verification can find application in the multi-billion supply chain and machine economy. Sensitive, small errors can magnify losses.

Specifically, the Pebble Tracker can avail data via a transparent and decentralized network to machine oracles.

Oracles supply trusted and verified data to smart contracts that act on them for execution.

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