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OZTG coins and OZeety Proof-Of-Stake Better Than DeFi

About Flash And Sapian Group

Flash Group offers solutions that provide secure services, Utility coin with a core value to reduce volatility velocity, high potential advertising solution powered by blockchain with a unique Data retribution services, free remittance services, instant wire transfer, and exchanger’s service with the lowest cost in the market.Flash Group’s technology combines regular financial services and blockchain-powered Defi to bring users an efficient solution and empowerment in their daily financial transactions. While Sapian Group helps in holding group with companies involved in international trades, commodities market, Digital Web agency, real estate, financial services, Blockchain/cryptomonial Engineering, wealth management.

What is DeFi?

The term DeFi comes from decentralized finance and it refers to financial instruments that are outside of companies’ and governments’ control. Basically, it refers to decentralized applications (DApps), digital assets, smart contracts and protocols built on Ethereum blockchain. DeFi is all about financial systems allowing when someone deposits a token somewhere to earn yield. What they get back is a token multiplied earning compounded “interest” back into their wallet.

What is Yield Farming?

One of the hottest trends in crypto today is yield farming, which enables investors to earn fixed or variable interest by putting their crypto in a DeFi market. To understand it better, let’s make an analogy. When you make a bank deposit, you actually make a loan that brings you interest in return. Yield farming means lending cryptocurrency for which you get interest. In most of the cases, the coin appreciates very fast and the returns skyrocket. Liquidity “mining” is coming to proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain.

About OZeety And OZTG coin.

OZeety, the new decentralized finance (DeFi) platform from Sapian Group Ltd, is further being redesigned to launch with a governance-coin reward.

“The platform mints the privacy gold-pegged OZTG coin through the OZeety Blockchain platform using proof-of-stake (PoS) and ESHADOW (EEZE) hybrid consensus algorithm, allowing anonymous transactions. The platform has been live since September 2019 with limited transactions from the internal team and selected beta clients from our investors and ambassador program. They have enjoyed returns as mentioned before from the staking rewards of the blocked masternode program and the unblocked OZTG coins in the OZTG core wallet. The rewards are earned on a daily basis with a compounding effect,” commented Mru Patel, Partner and CEO of Sapian Group Ltd and COO of Flash Group Ltd.

He further explained in details saying that:

“Version 2 of the platform is going live in October 2020, with an upgraded faster transaction speed, blocks processed in less than 30 seconds and transaction speeds of 175 TPS, making it suitable for payment transactions. It will also have a new User interface, user experience and lots more management functionality. We will also launch the mobile version of the core wallet. Imagine seeing your daily increase of OZTG rewards on the mobile. We will also launch a simple cloud based masternode installed service, as well as the existing upgraded version of the personal server core wallet.”

“Ozeety is a true double pronged platform for PoS token holders. The system offers savings accounts for staking with deposits and withdrawals at will, and a locked masternode investment program for the wealth creation clients. We will also be adding additional programs over the following months, including loans on crypto assets for masternode investments, as well as several other products and services like our award winning Flashcryptostations, all-in-one smart biometric card and cold storage, and a fully integrated wallet and exchange. Sapian Group has also pre-launched a subsidiary company, Ollorun Ltd, that sells the pooled masternodes packages and a pioneering medical patented set of products that has the best proven technology of most biotech DNA related range of products. All these wealth and health related packages make it affordable to anyone who wishes to take advantage of this growing yield farming opportunity via our in-house developed network marketing model, with over 50% payouts of all profits to the clients and their network,” according to Serge Maurice Lobréau, Chairman of Sapian Group and Flash Group, “a licensed company that provides a full digital exchange, e-wallet and financial institution license regulated in Europe via an Estonian license.”

There is one thing that ALL investors like and that is doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their investments. In the digital assets markets, these are some of the ways people invest:

1. Trading on exchanges with various strategies e.g. Buy/Hold (HODL), day trading, use of automated trading BOTs, Options, futures, CFDs with margin etc.

2. Coin Mining via installing server farms or interest in pooled mining

3. Buying into funds and funds of funds that manage crypto investments

4. Brokers and agents who manage the “non-technical” investors whilst eating into their profits via a profit share model

5. Investments into startup Blockchain and crypto projects at the various stages and rounds in their business e.g. for ICOs, IEOs, IPOs, ETOs, IFO and all the new O’s

6. And finally the new trends of yield farming through proof-of-stake based platforms earning rewards through staking the tokens.
However, the best kept secret for investing digital currency safely and virtually guaranteed is the masternode investment and staking way to earn a passive income.

The two ways to benefit from this with Sapian Group and Flash Group are:

1. Staking on unblocked funds in the wallet. This is for unlocked funds held in the core wallet.

2. Masternode Rewards for staking against locked funds for a masternode participation of consensus of our PoS Ozeety blockchain. This typically rewards the clients 4X of what the unlocked staking rewards.


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