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This is a Blockchain Acceleration Conference powered by coinnewsextra, live on Facebook and Zoom on July 26, 2020. The Guest Speaker, Mr Adedoyin Destiny, the community manager for BTSE exchange in Nigeria, talked about Trading, it’s importance, acquiring a Tech skill and securing of crypto-job opportunities. The Host of the event Chijamz , explained  the opportunities that can be leveraged putting blockchain technology to use, using the Algorand Blockchain as an example. The idea behind this conference is to expand and bring to the fingertips of youth, several opportunities on blockchain, allowing them to see the importance and also to be able to key into this opportunities.


The blockchain ecosysytem can be used to do anything using the Algorand Blockchain as an example , it was shown that it has a used case for almost every profession, even career wise i.e the media, finance, medicals, software engineering and even education. The blockchain ecosystem is decentralized,scalable and transparent. There is no central authority when it comes to blockchain, (i.e no government controlling authority), this really means that everyone has a say in the ecosystem. The blockchain ecosystem operates in a peer-to-peer ecosystem (P2P).

Explaining further how blockchain work as a peer-to-peer ecosystem. The host, Chijamz used the banks and individuals as an example, stating that “as a human being, we need someone who would take charge of our certainty, like a trustee, that’s the reason individuals want to go to the banks, to send their money rather than using digital financial platforms available on their mobiles, this is because, the banks are known parastatals for such financial and commercial activities.” Anyway, with blockchain technology now, there is no need to use the banks, because it works in a peer-to-peer ecosystem, where everybody can transact with anybody, anywhere in the world securely without the fear of losing their money, one of the used cases, the blockchain (Algorand) provides for everyone.

Another opportunity of the Algorand blockchain for example is the stablecoin, Chijamz stated that “the idea behind inflation (as the naira experiences devaluation) is that, the naira is paired to the USD, so whatever happens to will have effect on the Naira”, stating further he said, “the problem right now in the country is that prices of goods and services are getting higher in relation to the USD, which is affecting our local currency badly, but in the blockchain ecosystem,  stablecoin gives a form of security for every money you own without much volatility like other coin .”  

Blockchain technology open varieties of opportunities such as Gaming, examples are the World chess game and Rovit (a social media platform for Gamers), these are also used cases on the Algorand blockchain. There are also grants that can be won, if your project worth funding, and this can help you to build your products and services and also market them. The speaker stated “as a youth, you no longer need to wait, or start looking for illegitimate ways of making finances or building your products and services.  You can simply key in to these opportunities to make a better living.”


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BTSE exchange allows you to trade bitcoin dominance. It gives a way of multiplying cash flow income with the ability to Trade. Our responsibility as an exchange is to provide security and efficiency needed to confidently invest in financial independence. The BTSE exchange is joined by a suite of financial services that complement each other and enhance personal and professional finance experience. The vision is the new financial standard built on the foundation of sound, immutable money. The mission is to use digital asset technologies to build the suite of services that empowers and enables financial freedom 

The guest speaker spoke majorly on Trading and also the importance of acquiring a tech skill so as to raise capital enough for you to trade. He also stated that, “youth should not be ashamed of what they do for a living if they have insights and focus on what they do to work their way into financial freedom.”

When speaking on trading, he said “trading is major use case for crypto-currencies and a deciding factor in the growth of crypto-ecosystem. It allows for price discovery on a free market and creates direct contact points with the future.”

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