Nitro League Launches New NFT Marketplace and Virtual Garage

Nitro League has announced the launch of its new digital collectibles marketplace and virtual garage. Via the new non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace, Nitro League players can now buy, sell and trade in-game items like engines, boosters, tires, and more.

The Nitro League NFT Marketplace

As part of efforts to satisfy the yearnings of its ever-supportive community, who made its recently concluded initial decentralized offering (IDO) on Polkastarter a huge success, Nitro League, a decentralized play-to-earn racing game that brings together exciting gameplay, tokenomics, and the metaverse, has introduced new features.

Per a press release shared with BTCManager, Nitro League has launched a fresh NFT marketplace and virtual garage. The team also plans to introduce single-track gameplay by March 2022.

The Nitro League NFT marketplace enables players to purchase, sell and trade a vast array of in-game items including brakes, boosters, decals, engines, tires, paint jobs, and lots more. Players can customize the look and feel of their virtual car any way they like. The team says the marketplace will also introduce new opportunities to raise the rarity of NFT assets.

In the same vein, the virtual garage is a high-tech space that features robotic machinery and digital controls with an attractive user interface.

At the virtual garage, players can spend time and carry out numerous activities such as upgrading their cars, showcasing their NFTs and collecting new ones, competing in mini-games, and engaging with other members of the community.

The team wrote:

“The focus on the NFT marketplace and virtual garage is as a result of player feedback to improve and diversify the virtual racing world. Gamers can play, build, own, and monetize their digital assets earned by playing the game. The marketplace and virtual garage are the next steps in the evolution of Nitro League’s play-to-earn gaming model in the virtual racing metaverse.”

The Nitroverse

Within the Nitro League ecosystem is a metaverse known as the Nitroverse, players can access fully-functional and exciting futuristic games in a sandbox environment. Nitro League players earn tokens based on their performance and racing skills. The Nitroverse also comes with a vast array of in-game items and customization options that allows players to boost their performance.

“The Nitroverse merges eSports and cryptocurrency, two of the most prominent trends in the technology sector today. Gamers have complete ownership of their experience and earn from owning unique NFT assets. NFTs in Nitro League can be leveled up, as higher rarity race cars provide better performance and help unlock better RP token rewards,” the team explains. 

Nitro League has inked numerous partnership deals with top players in the blockchain industry including Terra Virtua, DAFI Protocol, Polinate, and more. In the coming weeks, the team plans to add a new car racing game to the metaverse and Polinate will grant players pre-sale access to the game as well as the DAFI vehicle, via its Games and Guilts. More info will be published on Nitro League’s social media channels.

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