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‘More Valuable Than Gold’- The Motley Fool Announces $5 Million Investment Into Bitcoin

The fifth-largest investment website globally with over 80 million monthly visitors, The Motley Fool’s positive outlook for the future of bitcoin is another data point in the coin’s journey as the influential advisory organization wades into the debate.

Investing Advice Provider Believes Bitcoin Will Deliver Ten-Fold Returns in the Next 15 Years

The Motley Fool has announced a $5 million investment into bitcoin as part of a long-hold plan to gain a 10x return on its investment over the next 15 years.

As the fifth-largest investment website globally, with over 45 million unique visitors in January alone, The Motley Fool’s positive outlook for the future of bitcoin is another data point in the coin’s journey as an influential advisory organization wades into the debate.

This move is much more than merely a one-off investment into bitcoin, though. The Motley Fool is a respected voice in the world of investment – essentially a crypto influencer. By adding the coin to its 10x portfolio alongside 39 other stocks, Motley is essentially backing Bitcoin as a strong long-term hold to an audience of millions that includes plenty of investors.

A Direct Investment in Bitcoin

This is a direct investment into bitcoin, with Motley shooting down EFTs as an ‘overpriced’ route into the market. The site’s members will be given the opportunity to read guidance from its analysts and writers before the website adds $5 million of bitcoin to its balance sheet.

Explaining its decision to invest such a significant sum of money into bitcoin, The Motley Fool provided the three following reasons, shared in a tweet:


Institutional investment into bitcoin still has a lot of room to grow. According to, at least 38 corporations hold a total of $66.5 billion worth of BTC, only 6.04% of the total Bitcoin supply. Yet, as organizations like The Motley Fool, Microstrategy, and Tesla put their money where their mouths are, more institutions may gradually follow suit.


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