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Mining contra “The American way of life”

In a recent published article Peter Thiel, one of the founder of PayPal and  bitcoin mining facility investor discussed the topic if mining in foreign countries can destabilize the US Dollar.

He further stated

“What we need is the United States to be the leader here. We need to embrace this and make sure to use this technology to remain the leader on the global stage!”

Is this the idea of Bitcoin?  Surely not, but it shows how impressive Bitcoin is influencing money and Peter Thiel shows exactly he is bind to the old economy and fashion of ideas than rather living in the future solving our world problems. The capitalism is nowhere else that much high running then in the US. The problem of our economy depends on the Dollar and this system has highly failed since the economy net worth is in shareholder than in the hands of those who create this economy with their business. 


The American way of Life is a philosophy of money approaching: Everything has a value and must have a price

Outstanding this led America to capitalism the world. Funny to see that the enemy no. 1 the socialism more depends on the capitalism monetary system than any other countries. The cry from Russia and China to leave the Dollar by creating a money alliance is the most fearing topic of the economy who believes in the outdated structure of capitalism. In a good scenario it will work in that China is going for public mining and Russia too. Announcing Bitcoin as a form of payment and going to support developing countries becoming access to financial system backed on Bitcoin without KYC. This will create an income stream for all of these countries creating a high treasury and people who now own Bitcoin next to fiat will become wealthy. Trust is created in the government and corruption would not be a topic anymore because there is a win – win situation which a capitalism state in federal reserve and tax authority never can reach. 

If the developing countries will go this way on their own, they will change the game 2/3 of the planet still unbanked and never will use solutions from traditional banks because they will keep them in debts for the entire generations following. It is a slavery which they will continue to pay with their seldom minerals, diamonds, gold, silver and more. In a way this is exactly what Satoshi Consulting & Education ( is targeting. Independent education for governments who want to successful end poverty and debt dependence in their countries to become a rich nation.

As long people will dream the dream of a failed system there is no change going on and if we not provide new solutions by taking them to those who need it more than the old economy there is no chance for solving problems of the world.

A good example is an example of a discussion I had the last days. There is a competition out, where you can win 1 Million Singapure Dollars. They want the best concept for having a solution reducing CO2 Emission by 2050. In reality it looks like they only want to have an technology idea which is new and can create more markets like a “CO2 Hover”. I have written an overall concept which shows how blockchain technology, IoT and AI will reduce 60% of CO2 emission by 2050 and how the change will be fund with Bitcoin. This is concept is working because all the technology is there it has just to be implemented by work groups.  But as we discussed to someone who is offering to work on with us we only see his interest in revenue. What is the revenue his question was in first row. It is more about earning money with a “CO2

Hover” on personal interests than changing the climate. However I offer this concept directly now to the competition and every investor who would become a part of the change and the profit is much more everyone can imagine.

If we want to change the world it is not a politicial system problem. It is on the necessary to make a change. If someone talk about a paradigm shift it depends who is talking. Developments countries will have this change by necessary and fighting problems. The European and American continent is talking about a paradigm shit in assets. So the report of Peter Thiel shows exactly by quoting : “Gold is fighting a battle with Bitcoin with has the power to led 6-8% of more value to the Bitcoin owners”. Riot Blockchain acquires North Americas biggest mining company Whinestone for $651million. But there is no way this mining earnings will be used for a change. 

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