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Microsoft Blockchain Technology

Microsoft Blockchain Technology

Microsoft was one of the first major software companies to accept Bitcoin as payment and it appears that it won’t be left behind in the race to move business transactions to the blockchain.

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According to Forbes Magazine, Microsoft’s new product called Azure Blockchain Tokens, will create a turnkey Token system similar to Steem SMTs and will allow companies to get on the latest technological business upgrade since the internet, the blockchain.

The Evolution of Blockchain Technology

Companies are coming to grips with the advantages of the blockchain and business consumers are falling in love with its openness, transparency and immutability. What they needed are reliable, secure tools to get on board and what company is more trusted the Microsoft to provide the needed software.

History is being witnessed. The lines of which haven’t been seen since the Internet first appeared and was dismissed as a passing fade or ornament, but dinosaurs of the that age insisted brick and mortar stores would always beat e-commerce.

The most important thing now is to see if Ethereum stays the number one choice as the entry platform or if other newer, faster, cheaper and more scalable platforms will suddenly become the worlds darlings. Steem blockchain?

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