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Markchain emerges Strong despite Market Challenges

In the last few months, a brand-new marketing agency for blockchain projects has emerged despite the closure of many others, mainly due to the drop in the hype of ICOs and a declining cryptocurrency market.

One of the emerging Marketing agency is Markchain.

Markchain was founded at the end of 2019, yet the company has been in the media spotlight ever since then.

It sharply ranked No. 2 in Hackernoon’s ranking of the best blockchain marketing agencies, appearances in the largest specialized media such as Cointelegraph,,, and many others this year.

Within three months, the company goes against the market trend and seems to be growing very well. It has gotten extremely many clients and customers among which we find the biggest ICOs of the moment like Burency, BDAM, and SaTT but also already established exchange platforms, crypto-currencies already listed on the market or Blockchain Summits.

One of the ingredients of this success is the Founder, Quentin Herbrecht. This is not the first time the entrepreneur has tried his hand in the cryptocurrency market. Present on the market since 2017 as a marketing consultant, he has already accompanied numerous ICOs including many successes. He was interviewed in Forbes about his success as a Blockchain consultant in a declining market and cited as “best advisor in France”.

He said in an interview that:

“I think that our two strengths, in addition to a perfect knowledge of the marketing and media world, are mainly the knowledge of the sector and the will to constantly renew ourselves.

“First of all our team is specialized in the technology that is the blockchain, each collaborator and myself are regularly trained on this subject, and more importantly, we are passionate about it. Understanding a project in the smallest details certainly helps us to better promote it. “

“Secondly, even though we do “classic” marketing and communication operations, our team carries out a continuous business intelligence process, in order to find innovative solutions, more efficient, original and above all, personalized according to our client’s needs. “

 It seems obvious that the cryptocurrency sector is maturing, as the hype declined drastically. Performing players with real track-records and adding real value remains and is experiencing significant growth. Like the ICOs sector, we see much less of them today, but better qualities with projects that make sense. The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry still has a bright future ahead of it.



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