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Lonadek launches certified ILM document control and management training

This almost Exploded In our Face!

We’re not one to make wild claims, but Reading this COULD change your business.

Recently, we got to know about(Lonadek Inc.) them, They’ve just started a training on DOCUMENT CONTROL AND DATA MANAGEMENT.

Now, Lonadek Inc. is a multi-award winning ISO 9001: 2015 certified Engineering Technology and Innovation Solutions Company, they provide specialized Engineering IT solutions and support to corporate establishments and also apply multi-discipline skills and innovative ideas, which are critical components of their success.

And so, they focus on increasing the capacity of locals and indigenous companies in the Energy, Power, Infrastructure, Mining, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas sectors, also providing broad range of specialized Technical, Non-Technical and Business Management Trainings.

But that’s not really important.
What’s more important, is that we’ve had the privilege of reviewing their training, and WE FEEL COMPLETELY OBLIGATED to tell YOU to get into the training at all costs now!
Here’s why:
Of course, Every business needs documentation of records and management solutions for EFFICIENCY and Productive operations: they need their information to be tracked for one reason or another and if the records aren’t managed properly, they can lead down the road to POTENTIAL Damages to business relationships and DELAY in the routine operations.

And so, documentation of records control and management solutions is so important and plays a great role in making any business or company EFFICIENT

And of course, If attention is not paid at correct time, it can potentially leave an(Adverse Impact as large as causing the Business or company) to even shut down.
And so, more Crippling consequences are:
• Financial consequences:- if records are not documented, businesses or companies can run into TROUBLE with..(filling taxes and management budgets)
• Legal consequences:- disorganized record keeping will lead to…PROBLEMS while faced with legal actions or audit.
• Productivity consequences:- Poor record management will make you LOSE on productivity, efficiency and money!

Now, Woah woah! You really don’t want your Business or company going through all that disaster right! We bet you don’t.

And so, it’s essential and necessary to create a well thought record management plan using an efficient documentation record system!

And that’s why you have to be at the explosive training where Industry experts through lectures and practical sessions, (Applying the various International standards and codes) would be helping you avoid those disasters from lack of proper Documents control and management! And you can read more about it here:

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