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Leading U.S. Coffee Manufacturer Employs IBM Blockchain for Coffee Traceability 

J.M. Smucker SJM (NYSE), a leading coffee manufacturer in the U.S. has adopted IBM’s Food Trust blockchain solution for the tracking of its 1850 Colombian Coffee brand right from the farm, down to the shelf. In addition to fostering transparency in its coffee supply chain, Smucker aims to make it possible for its coffee consumers to be able to reward the coffee farmers for their hard work.

J.M Smucker Tracking Coffee Supply Chain with DLT 

In a bid to increase transparency in its coffee supply chain and boost consumer confidence in its premium 1850 Colombian Coffee brand, J.M. Smucker has integrated IBM’s Food Trust distributed ledger technology (DLT) solution into its processes.

As stated in its press release, J.M. Smucker has joined forces with Farmer Connect, an organization dedicated to fostering transparency and sustainability in agriculture supply chains, to make it possible for consumers to trace their coffee back to its region of origin.

Specifically, the team has made it clear that each Smucker 1850 Coffee bag will come with a QR code which when scanned, directs the consumer to the Thank My Farmer website where important information concerning the coffee can be found.

Consumers will be able to know the exact location where the coffee beans were grown, processed, roasted, and exported.

Promoting Fairness 

According to recent statistics, of the 12.5 million smallholder coffee farmers, at least 5.5 million live way below the international poverty line of $3.20 per day.

In the same vein, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value, about 71% of consumers who place high importance on sustainability of food products are willing to pay a premium for transparent and environmentally sustainable brands.

Against that backdrop, in addition to allowing consumers to have access to the entire history of their coffee, the initiative will also enable coffee drinkers to be able to reward coffee farmers for their hard work.

What’s more, consumers will also learn more about Farmer Connect’s numerous projects designed to support Colombian coffee farmers and their families. Some of these projects include the provision of potable drinking water for schools, viable coffee seedlings for smallholder farmers, and more.

Commenting on the development, Joe Stanziano, senior vice president and general manager of coffee at The J.M. Smucker Company said:

“Consumers are increasingly interested in transparency in the supply chains for their favourite products and we have been committed to helping promote this as part of our coffee sustainability strategy. Our alliance with Farmer Connect and IBM helps connect coffee lovers with producers, while also giving them the opportunity to support these hardworking smallholder farmers and their families.”

In related news, As informed earlier in June 2020 that Kvaroy Arctic, a leading Norwegian seafood company has joined IBM Food Trust to enable it to enhance the transparency of its salmon supply chain.

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