Laura-Marie Geissler Partners Amsterdam Berlin & Unblocked to Tap NFTs for Motorsport Funding

German professional racecar driver Laura-Marie Geissler has joined forces with Amsterdam Berlin and Unblocked to launch the first-ever NFT-funded car racing team called LMG GT No.1. The project aims to make it easier for female motorsport athletes to get funding via NFT sales, rather than solely relying on sponsors.

Funding Female Motorsport Racing with NFTs

While sportspeople such as football players, basketballers, and a few others get paid by their clubs for doing what they know how to do best, the same cannot be said of motorsports, as nearly all athletes in the game depend on external sponsors to keep their racing careers afloat.

And female racecar drivers even find it a herculean task to secure sponsorship deals than their male counterparts in the industry.

However, Laura-Marie Geissler, a German-born, 23-year-old professional racecar driver is going all out to take advantage of the power of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and Web3.0 to make life easier for female drivers.

Per sources close to the matter, Laurer-Marie Geissler has signed a partnership deal with Amsterdam Berlin, an independent creative agency, and Unblocked.Exchange, a blockchain-based digital collectibles marketplace to launch a first-of-its-kind non-fungible token (NFT) funded racing team called LMG GT No.1.

Moritz Grub, co-founder of Amsterdam Berlin GmBH said:

“This project attempts to rethink the way sport sponsoring works. It uses the NFT technology to enable a new decentralized sponsoring model that creates a leveled playing field for the athletes, independent on gender, race or social status.”

Gender Equality 

The LMG GT No.1 race car

shares the same design and livery with the iconic 1971 Porsche 917/20 Le Mans racer dubbed the ‘Pink Pig.’ However, the LMG GT No.1 replaces the butcher map on the Pink Pig, with the marks cosmetic surgeons use to map out the areas to be operated on in a woman’s body, depicting the constant pressure female racecar drivers go through in terms of their physical appearance.

The design of the LMG GT stands for gender equality in the world of motorsport racing and makes a bold statement against the objectification of  female racers

“I want to be seen for my driving, to be measured strictly by my performance,” said Geissler, adding “Not by my private life, my looks, or the sponsors that I find or don’t find.”

The NFT up for sale includes a 360-degrees version of the livery, a high-resolution image of the design. The buyer’s name will be written on Geissler’s real LMG-GT No.1 race car and her autographed Arai GP-6 helmet will be shipped to the winner of the auction.

Additionally, a series of 1001 helmets and 100 digital race suits with different variations and uniqueness are available for purchase on the Unblocked.Exchange NFT marketplace and Opensea. All proceeds of the NFT sales will be channeled towards funding Geissler’s 2022 racing season.

Harrison Wang, co-founder of Unblocked said:

“Using the power of the blockchain, Unblocked is super excited to partner with Laura-Marie Geissler to bring fans closer to the action than ever before, while amplifying some of its most underrepresented voices.”


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