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KuBitX limited Partners with Edmark International

KuBitX limited Partners with Edmark International

partnership between KuBitX and Edmark

KuBitx limited has finally entered into a strategic partnership with one of its early-stage investors, Edmark International. The partnership was made official during the EDEX workshop at the D’Podium international conference center, Lagos on 7 March 2020.

KuBitx Limited, the owner of the KBX wallet anticipated the partnership which was a very major breakthrough for their Wallet.
KBX wallet was launched earlier this year in Africa to stand as a bridge between the ecosystem currencies and blockchain. KBX wallet, blockchain-based payments, and remittances wallet, has allowed people to be able to transfer value or currency from one part of the world to another.

Ever since the launch of the wallet, KuBitX has been seeking partnerships with interested investors. They had a partnership with a renowned media liaison company, CryptoTv Plus to create and release crypto and Blockchain news.

The partnership with Edmark Intl which came a month after shows that KuBitX is ready to partner with any investor.

In a blog post, KuBitX Ltd states,

“It is now official that KuBitX has entered into a strategic partnership with one of its early-stage investors Edmark International. We would love to thank all our customers, partners and team members for supporting us throughout our incubation stages of growth. It is your support that has kept us on our feet. KuBitX is slowly and organically growing to meet your needs. Our dreams, vision, and mission have been identified by key industry players, all thanks to you”

“KBX wallet will be the official wallet for Edmark International customers, this way KuBitX is set to onboard over 500,000 users to purchase Edcoin(EDC) and utilize KBX wallet features such as, withdrawals to any fiat currency in Africa as well and other features available on the KBX wallet which will be communicated in due time”

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KuBitX Ltd encourages everyone to download the New KBX wallet which can be used to spend one currency in any part of Africa.

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