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Kick Out Covid in Africa KOCA, a youth-led initiative with great benefits to the global African community, and your organisation.

Organisation for Leadership and Strategy Development, OLSD (UN-accredited International non-profit organisation) has been in the forefront of the Covid19 Intervention since February 2020 where they provided intervention services and humanitarian assistance to 5000+ African students who were trapped in Wuhan, China (Covid first epicenter).

Nigerian Ambassador introduces Coronavirus relief and evacuation plan to help all African Nationals trapped in Wuhan, China.

It was firstly counted as a joke by government officials when asked to help the estimated 5,000 African nationals who are presently stranded in Wuhan, due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak. However, The Organization for Leadership and Strategy Development (OLSD), a Nigerian NGO founded by Ambassador Collins Nnabugwu of Lagos, Nigeria, took serious action. Action that is now garnering attention across the entire continent of Africa.

In Mr. Nnabugwu statement, he said:

“We at OLSD commit to making sure that all Africans trapped and locked down in Wuhan receive proper assistance and medical care during our intervention. We will continue to send daily donations of food and supplies and do all we can to help until this crisis ends.”

Since learning of this issue less than a week ago, the ambitious Global Goodwill Ambassador and his partners, Biz Africa Shanghai, The Star Factor Effect, The Center for Truth and Healing, and Group Shumba, have made it their mission to bring awareness to the victims’ plight. The conglomerate is working overtime to raise funds to help pay for food, supplies, and eventually their evacuation.

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With the assistance of Biz Africa Shanghai, a private company based in China, OLSD has been successful at making direct contact with local government officials in Wuhan to ensure the delivery of donations.

OLSD also encourages the African Nationals trapped in Wuhan to register at to receive alerts, assistance, and additional information.

Introduction to Artificial intelligence – Cyber Future Academy

With Covid19 now wrecking havoc on the African continent, especially disrupting youthful lifestyle and socioeconomic income flows, OLSD efforts are now geared towards empowering the youth beyond the immediate health challenges, rather to inspire and empower the youth population with a new narrative that they can relate to, social incentives, e-learning facilities, mobihealth.

OLSD partnered with Cyber Future Holdings to power a non-profit organization CFA (Cyber Future Academy) in order to provide online and interactive educational solutions for youth and adults across the world.

By implementing advanced AI technology, students will be able to learn at their own pace, get personalized guidance and assistance to complete their courses and achieve certification.

Interested youths can visit their websites here

OLSD also provided African-made mobile tracking application to  access covid19 data and Economic opportunities (through affiliations with global media and tech brands, Forbes, LinkedIn, Transsion Holdings, Click Media Technologies etc and ultimately, a sense of belonging (Youth Virtual Concert).

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