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KardiaChain is Launching Its Interoperable Mainnet

Vietnamese-based KardiaChain is set to launch its mainnet today, Tuesday, December 29. The project prides on being the first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform.

KardiaChain’s Features Make It Unique

The launch aims at availing the benefits of blockchain to everyone. On the mainnet, one can build Dapps, send transactions, deploy and interact with smart contracts, staking, becoming validators, and being delegators.

As it is equipped with non-invasive interoperability, different blockchain networks can connect to KardiaChain regardless of their protocol without any technical changes or reconstructions. Blockchain sovereignty is maintained while significantly decreasing time and costs for a blockchain to become capable of cross-chain communication.

The feature differs from other interoperable focused blockchains such as Polkadot and Cosmos, where protocols must stick to strict, predefined rules to join an operable network and communicate with other blockchains.

Tri Pham, CEO, and co-founder of Kardiachain said the mainnet switch shows their team effort years. Since Kardiachain’s inception in 2018, focusing on Vietnam and Southeast Asia, it has explicitly built an impressive product suite. They range from a cross-chain DEX, KAIstarter, mobile app KAI Membership, and a Defi platform to provide flexible earnings to KAI holders via traditional business investments.

What the Mainnet Launch Entails

The Fengari 3.0 testnet paved the way for its upgrade, the mainnet. It can handle 6,000 transactions per second and is currently 10,000 times cheaper to use than Ethereum.

Its features include dual master nodes, elastic sharding with incentive mechanism (ESWIM), and smart contract markup language (KSML). Tri Pham, CEO, and co-founder of Kardiachain, said the tool would make it easier to create and deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications, thus driving blockchain adoption.

He added that the company is giving other companies the chance to adopt blockchain faster and easier. KardiaChain will continue to improve in the future because their apps are always connected to the entire blockchain ecosystem. It is very convenient and useful for local actors in Vietnam to integrate blockchain into their existing products and services like millions of people using blockchain by 2021.

After the mainnet, there will be two types of KAI: ERC-20 KAI and native KAI, but the total is still 5B. The token swap bridge will be introduced to bring ERC-20 to native KAI when need be. ERC-20 KAI can even be traded as usual, so it should be seamless.

Next Check On the KardiaChain List

After launching on mainnet,’s next step is to introduce the KAI Master and Explorer portfolios. With both, you can interact directly with the leading Kardiachain network, similar to what the current testnet does.

Kardiachain has provided an enviable list of validators for its blockchain, which validate and protect the network. It includes a subsidiary of electronic giant LG, LG CNS, that combines its blockchain technology, Monachain with the Kardiachain network.

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