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Jelurida Africa says it is proud to announce the upcoming East Africa Blockchain Expedition, starting on October 23, 2021.

Jelurida said the expedition is designed to educate the residents of East Africa on blockchain technology through the storytelling of personal experiences as against the normal theoretical style which can’t be said to be an effective approach so far.

meanwhile, participants can obtain blockchain certification through this expedition, paving the way for broader development and adoption of this technology.

Furthermore, Jelurida Africa is kicking off the East Africa Block Expedition with the primary mission of bringing the concept of blockchain technology to residents of East Africa and get them acquainted with its potential.

However, the common and usual method of blockchain education in Africa is theoretical with no opportunity for people to learn while using the blockchain itself.

Jelurida therefore said the Ardor client and the Ignis rich features will be utilized in delivering solution-focused training that allows the target audience to witness the power of the technology from the beginning.

This is due to the lack of rich platforms that enable users to easily experience the numerous possible applications of blockchain technology. This tour plans to fill this knowledge gap.

Meanwhile during the East Africa Blockchain Expedition, Jelurida Africa will focus on several aspects. The first aspect is storytelling through personal experiences, creating a more relatable topic involving blockchain technology and its impact on people’s lives. The public and private sectors can attend this event, learn more about the technology, and even obtain a blockchain certification to explore further opportunities in this industry.

A second aspect is to get more people interested in joining the Jelurida ecosystem to help spread the word on blockchain technology.

The East Africa Block Expedition is a 30-day tour across East African countries, starting in Ethiopia and ending in Tanzania. Jelurida Africa has scheduled meetings with government officials, technology hubs, banks, and universities to organize multiple meetups and training on-site. After hearing the life-altering stories involving this technology, getting a hands-on approach with blockchain will help unlock new use cases and ideas.

Overall, the East Africa Blockchain Expedition will help grow developer communities, increase the number of blockchain enthusiasts, and streamline solution development for the broader ecosystem. Until now, West Africa has been the center and focus of tech companies. However, for blockchain technology, East Africa shows a faster adoption pace.



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