IXFI launches a new Exchange Platform that works as an Alternative Bank Solution

While the world is gradually moving away from traditional finance and banks, the complexity of crypto exchanges is one of the major shortcomings hindering the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Amidst this confusion, IXFI, an alternative bank solution has launched its new crypto trading platform.

Launched on the occasion of the Great Union Day of Romania, on December 1st, IXFI aims to simplify crypto trading for users by offering 500 coins and over 1000 pairs in a single exchange. IXFI, with this launch, has come a step closer to becoming the fast and secure alternative to banks by offering services, such as crypto loans and card solutions.

The founder Cristian Andrei believes:

“My vision is to create a safe and friendly ecosystem that would facilitate trading even for the less experienced people. IXFI is about giving people a greater choice, independence and opportunity to participate in the crypto currency and investment movement. Our aim is to encourage people to think big and open their minds regarding exchanges, by creating features that all of us have been longing for.”

The Centralized Exchange by IXFI

IXFI is fixing several issues that users currently face when interacting with crypto exchanges, such as high trading fees, limited liquidity, and sub-par customer support. Instead, IXFI offers a state-of-art and highly sophisticated crypto exchange with a seamless user experience, high liquidity, fast and low-cost transactions and high-grade security.

IXFI has amassed popularity as a centralized finance crypto exchange, as a robust and secure alternative to banks. The exchange is equipped with several features such as automated trading, accurate reports and data, spot trading, crypto swap, credit card support, and 24/7 customer support. Apart from these features, IXFI’s exchange will have several features that will be unveiled gradually.

Upcoming Features

Starting with a mobile version to be launched in February, IXFI will gradually increase the exchange’s utility according to a very complex roadmap.

– Playground Environment

IXFI has taken a unique approach to crypto trading by creating a safe playground environment where new traders can test their skills. In the playground, traders can access virtual currencies for free to hone their skills and earn rewards & points that can be used in the exchange. The playground will be a replica of the original exchange without virtually zero risks.

– Crypto Loans

Loans are an important part of a financial organization but a selective feature in the crypto environment. However, with IXFI users can borrow loans against their digital assets as collateral. These collaterals will also incur an interest depending upon the borrower’s activities.

– Earn Program

IXFI offers an Earn Program where users have the chance to stake their cryptocurrencies to increase their earnings. The exchange offers competitive APY rates on their cryptos, including stablecoins. For staking, the user must have an individual interest account or participate in the investment pool.

– Card Solutions

IXFI offers a decentralized alternative to financial cards with features like point-of-sale. Using these cards, merchants and stores can receive payments directly in crypto without any conversion fee or hidden charges. The utility of these cards will depend upon local regulations.

– No Wallet Addresses Necessary

Usually, crypto traders struggle with the exceeding characters on their wallet addresses that can cause manual errors resulting in loss of funds. IXFI aims to create standardization in which users can send and receive funds without having to master their crypto wallet addresses between two registered parties on the platform.

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