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Is blockchain always a solution?

Have you ever thought of it or have you ever wondered if or how blockchain is helping the world?

Raneem M., a Certified Blockchain Solution Architect and Web Developer said in a post on LinkedIn:

“Blockchain is a revolutionary, widely accepted technology with vast use cases and still in its early stage. The ultimate challenge associated with the blockchain technology is lack of awareness, especially in sectors other than banking/finance and a widespread lack of understanding of how it works. This is hindering investment and exploration of ideas. Developing a clear understanding of the technology and its potential is the best starting point but here a question come up; Is Blockchain always a solution?

If think about it hard enough, blockchain could probably be used for almost every business process but it might not always make sense to do. It is important for organizations to carefully consider whether there are other technologies or approaches to digitization that may deliver on their objectives more effectively or efficiently”

“In my opinion the businesses/organizations shall move forward with well-defined selection criteria, a structured innovation process, and a clear route to production that can quickly bring value proposition to the organization, as well as sustain growth”

Contributing, Dr Husam Yaghi – a Senior director at Almawarid said,

“It’s true that Blockchain should not be used just because it’s a sexy new technology, the cost of getting out could be unthinkable.  The decision tree should be considered to determine if the proposed use case suitable.  Not all use cases would reap the benefits of Blockchain.  No problem though, the same happened with the Internet back in the early 80’s.  Soon it’ll become natural to us when and when not to use Blockchain.”

Samson Williams added that

“People asking “How it works” already know what it is. The next step is to stop discussing the details and start on boarding customers to a human centered design that no one cares how it works. To make this make sense:  99.99% of people who get on planes a) don’t care how they work b) would never ask. But the airline industry is booming. Same applies for the “www”. Customers don’t care how things work, only that they do.  So, where is your blockchain based product that works so well no one cares? “

To all the aspirants, do reach out if needed any help or further exploration, its high time to get yourself in to the blockchain space and be a part of it.

Blockchain is becoming the thing of this time, thing of this century. It is evident as we can see the uses of blockchain in different aspect of life; in agriculture, in business, in manufacturing company and in education.

Embrace it!!


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