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IOTA to Power a WeChat-Inspired Messaging Application for Businesses

Blackpin–a business messaging application, is choosing IOTA to build a “digital transaction platform for agile working in the future” similar to WeChat but for enterprises as per an update.

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been disruptive. From a human resource point of view, businesses are adapting to new realities. For continuity, workers are now executing tasks remotely.

Leading firms such as Facebook and Twitter are introducing new policies, giving leeway for their staff members choosing to work from home—or their preferred locations.

The new shift is proving that it is possible to effectively collaborate remotely. Models are now coming up, integrating changes caused by the pandemic, reinforcing the view that it is still efficient to execute duties remotely without disruptions.

A New Way of Collaboration for Businesses

Blackpin is a GDPR/DSGVO-compliant messenger currently available for European businesses. Diverging away from internal collaboration that most messenger applications focus on, its developers are launching a solution for enterprises. Here, Blackpin shall act as a B2B platform to facilitate the exchange of information while concurrently providing a billing solution and the creation of legally binding contracts.

Their solution seeks to emulate WeChat in the B2B space. In his words, Sandra Jörg, the CEO of Blackpin, said:

“Indeed, we still have a lot to do. Similar to WeChat in China in the C2C area, our technology in the B2B area should be used throughout Europe if possible. “

IOTA and Tangle as the Base Layer

It is the underlying solution that will now run on IOTA. The Tangle shall be the infrastructure for securely auditing and storing data without Blackpin launching a new cryptocurrency. 

Unlike other distributed ledger systems, IOTA transactions are cheaper. Also, it is designed in such a way that increasing utility won’t clog the network but rather increase throughput for an infinitely scalable platform. 

Notably, Blackpin needs will be easily met from the ledger’s current offerings. Already, IOTA’s ecosystem comprises of solutions touching on digital identity, smart contracting, asset management, and digital payment solutions. It shall be a sufficient digital trust infrastructure meeting Blackpin’s needs.

As reported, IOTA is now working on decentralizing its network and has successfully unveiled the Chrysalis Phase 2 test network.

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