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IOTA Launches DLT Framework for Smart Devices in Collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover, Others

IOTA has announced the launch of IOTA Access, an open-source DLT framework for secure smart device access control. The launch was revealed on the IOTA blog with key details about the new framework and its functionalities.

Secure and Scalable Services

IOTA Access is designed to build policy-based control systems that would integrate pay-per-use functionalities effectively. The decentralized framework has the aim of integrating decentralized access control in an efficient p2p environment that ensures that data and devices are secured.

In theory, the IOTA Access enables secure access to any machine or device without depending on a centralized system or constant internet connection. Smart devices that offer services can have IOTA Access integrated into their control system and these can be tweaked to automate the services rendered by such devices.

Within this framework in place device users and owners can give access to their devices or data within a remote, permissionless, and transparent ecosystem.  This according to IOTA would be a welcome change from the current centralized management processes within the IoT industry.

Furthermore, IOTA Access would enable easy scalability of services as it integrates the Zero Trust Architecture with key modifications. IOTA has developed the protocol using an open-source and efficient system that offers utility to scaling integrations on to networks.

This ensures that enterprises can upgrade previously centralized security solutions and scale better while still possessing the core security features of blockchain technology.

IOTA Access also has features that integrate pay per use policies which eliminates the use of middlemen. Thus users can easily offer decentralized services and get paid directly without third party merchants.

A Collaborative Project from IOTA

IOTA collaborated with several companies including Jaguar Land Rover, STMicroelectronics, EDAG, RIDDLE&CODE, NTT DATA Romania, ETO GRUPPE, and BiiLabs to develop the DLT framework. The blockchain platform also revealed that the programming language for the framework had been written in Rust programming language to enable developers to create products easily.

IOTA is regarded by many within the crypto space as one of the forward-thinking DLT projects with its focus on integrating IoT with its Tangle data framework. BTCManager recently reported that the IOTA Foundation has implemented a reputation system against Sybil Attacks.

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