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IoT App – Nodle Moves From Stellar Blockchain to Polkadot

Launched in 2017, Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform Nodle announced it is switching from the Stellar blockchain to Parity Technologies’ Substrate network, according to a blog post shared in advance with CoinDesk. Substrate lets teams customize their own blockchains; Nodle’s is called Arcadia.

Nodle provides “last mile” support for IoT devices through connections to smartphones. The network had recently been averaging roughly 1 million daily microtransactions over the Stellar blockchain.

The protocol joins security token platform Polymath as the second network in recent months to ditch an incumbent blockchain for Polkadot. Polymath left the Ethereum blockchain due to governance concerns, the firm said last November.

In the same vein, Nodle said Stellar does not have the blockchain functions needed to deliver on promises from the startup’s white paper.

“We really like Stellar, but it definitely became clear when we crossed over a million microtransactions that we needed to build our own blockchain,” Nodle spokesperson Daren McKelvey told CoinDesk in a phone interview.

Nodle blockchain architect Eliott Teissonniere said Nodle found Substrate to be more “modular” for future development, a nod to Polkadot’s intent to create a governance-friendly (and interoperable) blockchain network.

“It’s also a self-amending ledger, which means that the network can upgrade itself, add new features, or deploy bug-fixes in a matter of minutes, all without having to fork it,” the Nodle blog states.

Notably, Nodle hinted at a future bridge between Stellar and Arcadia, and therefore Substrate, via a “future upgrade.” The interoperability project between the two blockchains would be the first of many, the team indicated.

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