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IOST's Partner Node, IOSTABC Has Released PureWallet DA...

IOST's Partner Node, IOSTABC Has Released PureWallet DApp

A wallet is an essential component of the public blockchain, providing an interface for users to interact and navigate all kinds of DApps.

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Today, IOST’s partner node, IOSTABC, has released PureWallet, an off-chain crypto wallet that fully supports managing multiple mnemonics and multiple private keys in the IOST ecosystem.

“PureWallet will provide the best user experience for the IOST community. In return, IOST’s global expansion and large user base will help PureWallet to continually improve and provide high quality services for users around the world.”

IOST is one of the fastest blockchains in terms of performance and has a developer-friendly environment that provides ideal conditions for creating DApps. PureWallet aims to select the best DApps as the entry point to the ecosystem for users and increase the value of their assets.

PureWallet now supports IOST transactions, IOST account creation and import, voting, resource management and DApp navigation. It will cover all the costs you need to pay to create a new account. So account creation is now completely free in PureWallet.

PureWallet also plans to collaborate with IOST to launch a series of events to enhance the user experience of community members.

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