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Interview session with the University of Nicosia Representatives: The need for Blockchain Education in Africa

Blockchain education has been a very pressing issue in Africa. But is there any institution in the world that teaches Blockchain?

The University of Nicosia, Cyprus is the first university in the world to recognize the importance of the Blockchain education.

Prof. Marinos Themistocleous – Director, Institute For the Future (IFF) and Associate Dean, School of Business, University of Nicosia, together with IFF Enrollment Advisor, Mr Armantos Katsioloudes, IFF Enrollment Manager Ms. Hazal Aripinar and Mr Jude Ozinegbe – Nigeria Ambassador to the university were interviewed by Coinnewsextra CEO on how the University of Nicosia has been Promoting Blockchain education.

Prof. Marinos Themistocleous elaborated the achievements of the University in Blockchain Education. He said:

“We started our activity in this area since 2013. That year we offered the option to our students to pay their tuition fees using bitcoin so we were the first university in the world to accept digital currency for such payments.”

“The next year, we launched two things; online programs on blockchain and digital currency and the first ever postgraduate degree in Blockchain and Digital Currency.”

“In 2015, we realized that it is not only critical to teach and train the people about the importance of this technology. We need to develop solutions to demonstrate their importance in practice. For that reason the University created the company which is specialized in the verification of documents and degrees on the bitcoin blockchain.”

“In 2016, we had the first graduates from the MSc in Digital Currency and in the next year, we were the first university to have all its degrees, verifiable on the bitcoin blockchain.”

“The same year, we launched the Institute For the Future which is based on three main pillars; education, research and Interaction with the community.”

“Also, in 2017 we ran for the first time, the premier conference in Europe on Blockchain technology called “Decentralized”. It is one of the main events that is happening in Europe.”

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency courses at the University of Nicosia.

The University of Nicosia offers a wide range of professional courses which include:

Academic Degree Program:
Master of Science in Digital Currency and Blockchain

Academic Certification Programs:
Blockchain Financial Analyst
Blockchain Business Analyst
Blockchain Developer

Professional Certification Courses:
Blockchain Law Regulation and Policy

Security Token Strategy
Blockchain and Energy
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

To indicate your interest and receive further information on any of the Blockchain Education Programs, kindly fill out this form:

For more details, visit the University of Nicosia’s Website:

Financial Assistance

The University of Nicosia annually offers more than 300,000 Euro scholarships.

Mode of study

All Blockchain and Digital Currency studies are offered purely online through the awarded online system of education of the University of Nicosia.


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