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Inflation-Busting Cryptocurrency Zimbocash Receives Listing ...

Inflation-Busting Cryptocurrency Zimbocash Receives Listing on Bithumb

Zimbabwe’s Zimbocash project got closer to its goal of providing a sound-money alternative to the hyperinflation of the local currency.

A project developing a national decentralized currency network in Zimbabwe has received a big boost with the listing of its Zimbocash (ZASH) token on the Bithumb Global exchange.

It was highlighted when the Zimbabwe Independent reported  that Zimbocash has made it to the international financial circuits and that it can now be traded globally whosever is interested in it.

Zimbocash is a cryptocurrency system where the money supply is fixed. People who sign up for this are provided Zimbocash as incentives for further transactions. The crypto is being targetted as an alternative to counter inflation.

The current currency of Zimbabwe – the Zimbabwe Dollar is currently facing a huge crisis with respect to its identity. With Zimbocash going international, it presents another alternative for people. Zimbocash or Zash also will experience an advantageous position with this as it can now access all the features provided by the South Korena exchange’s platform.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing hyperinflation, and the government is supporting crypto assets as it will provide a great way to come out of this sticky situation. The Reserve bank also has given its nod for crypto assets to operate freely without many regulations.

However, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a devastating blow, with many believing that the government is now insolvent with little borrowing capacity left. Zimbocash’s  head of communications Philip Haslam said in a statement:

“The government has admitted that it is going to print money on a large scale to fund itself, which could push the country into hyperinflation […] We believe that Zimbocash is perfectly positioned to solve this problem by fixing the amount of money in the country using blockchain technology. Our aim is to provide sound money.”

In order to succeed, Haslam says that Zimbocash needs a network of scale and a liquid market price to use as a reference in daily trade.

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While work on the former has been continuing for some time, the new listing both provides the liquidity required and validates the work done thus far on network growth. Haslam believes that the project is realizing some of Bitcoin’s (BTC) potential:

“We are fulfilling the dream of Bitcoin — we’re developing a peer-to-peer payments platform and facilitating on-the-ground trade in a country.”

While the prospect of launching an alternative national currency may seem daunting to some, Zimbabwe is crying out for such a solution to its economic problems. Head of the Zimbocash subscriber network Laswet Savadye explained:

“Zimbabwe is perhaps the only country where you would be able to establish a decentralised currency network of scale. Zimbabweans are desperate for a sound-money solution and there is no other alternative like Zimbocash.”

Zimbocash is offering free tokens to Zimbabwean residents who register, along with referral bonuses. The reward halves every three months, and currently stands at 3125 ZASH.

While the Bithumb listing will allow users to cash-out, its main goal is to establish a market price and facilitate daily trade.

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