How To Get NFT Whitelists

One of the best ways to maximize the potential gains of NFTs is to buy them as soon as they are minted or revealed because most NFTs are made available at the lowest prices when they are first revealed and Traders aim to buy low and sell high – the law that will forever remain relevant in the crypto space.
The race to buy an NFT as soon as is it minted often leads to fierce competition and gas fee problems.

However, project developers eventually devised a solution to solve this problem and it is called whitelisting. Whitelisting grants exclusive presale access to approved crypto addresses.

An NFT Whitelist is what people who are granted early access to mint an NFT at an earlier date before its release are called. Usually, the wallet address of the whitelist holder will be pre-registered in the project’s database and this gives the wallet owner exclusive minting privileges for the NFT. Whitelist holders can avoid high prices and transaction fees for NFTs when buying them.


1. Discover Projects Before they are Revealed
One simple and effective way to get whitelisted for an NFT is to discover and join the project before it gets revealed to the public. There are many NFT projects in the works in the NFT marketplace that are looking to garner attention and build traction for their NFT.

Some of these projects make available whitelist offers to firstcomers before their official launch date in hopes of attracting users and customers.
However, while looking at new and upcoming projects to join, proceed with caution and understand the risks involved in trusting new projects.

2. Join The Discord Server or Reddit Community of the Project (Or be an active follower on Twitter)
NFT projects are known to always start building an audience from either Discord, Reddit or Twitter or even use all of the mentioned social apps because these apps are where the crypto community mostly hangout.

To get higher chances of being whitelisted for an NFT, it would be a good idea to join the project’s Discord server or its Reddit community or keep up with the project’s Twitter posts and updates. If a project is to have whitelisting offers, information about it from the team would probably be posted on one of these social platforms.

3. Meet the Requirements
When information for the whitelisting offers for a project is listed, there are usually requirements highlighted to meet to be eligible for the offer. The requirements for whitelist offers are usually peculiar to each NFT project. For some projects, users just need to fill out a form or invite a particular amount of people to join the community. For some other projects, eligibility is decided through activities.

When eligibility for whitelisting has been met and awarded, the user or the chosen person will be asked to provide the address of their crypto wallets and then this will be added to the project’s database to complete the whitelisting process.

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