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How to acquire Bitcoin knowledge and blockchain education

Bitcoin education is the key to mass adoption. Kyle Chasse, the founder and CEO of master ventures in an interview with coinnewsextra talked about how to acquire Bitcoin knowledge and Blockchain education.



Kyle Chasse has been in bitcoin and Blockchain since 2012. He has been advising, investing and building project. His first bitcoin-based project is exchange alliance and in 2018, he launched master ventures.

Kyle said:

“It is important that everybody who is considering entering the space understand the technology. A good place to start is reading the whitepaper of bitcoin satoshi. It is very important to truly understand the technology and what you are getting yourself into because you will be less emotional with things like if you are investing.”

“Blockchain is a much different concept from what we are used to in the world,” Kyle added.

The good place to start is understanding bitcoin, knowing what it is and reading some books about it.

Educational Platform for blockchain

The biggest mistake newbies make is trying to educate themselves by just doing google search because there are so many misleading tips on the net. Kyle said:

“One of my favourite site for Blockchain is BLOCKGEEKS … It is a great educational resource where you can learn everything about Blockchain. They have structured courses so you can learn from the beginning to the end … I recommend BLOCKGEEKS.”

Is education the key to adoption?

“There are several things that are key to adoption,” said Kyle. “One is education because if you understand the system, you will be confident in your decisions and the things you are doing.”

We must have an infrastructure for adoption.

“We need things to be easier. Right now if I want to send you some bitcoin I will have to copy and paste a very long alphanumeric address and that can be scary for some people. Some people are working on sending a payment using an email address that’s what more people are used to.”

Education is still very important.

Impact of COVID-19

Blockchain and crypto is a digital product; we do it online. COVID-19 is not affecting the internet. People blame COVID-19 for not completing a task or missing meetings which are a big lie because everyone is working from home on the internet.

Kyle said: “The biggest problem issue is a lot of investors are not deploying as much capital into a project because they are very uncertain of the world economic impact that COVID-19 is having… which means we will not see any new project launched right now.”

But there are a lot of interesting things like there is now digital currency that is been made during this period.


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