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Hackers Unveil the First Real DeFi Product

On January 19, 2021, the community of cybersecurity firm Hacken launched the First Grey Hats Ideas Competition offering a massive $45,000 prize pool. Subsequently, on January 28, the First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition website was hacked by hackers who left a rather cheeky message for the community.

In what can only be dubbed a dramatic turn of events, merely a week after the official launch of theFirst Grey Hats Ideas Competition by Hacken community’s organizer and investor Leo Andreo, the site has been hacked successfully.

After hacking the website, the hackers left a clear cut message for Grey Hats Ideas Competition organizers and community members where they revealed the project’s name and shared other relevant information for organizers.

Unsurprisingly, Hacken’s skilled technical team offered its support to the attacked community and helped them restore the website as it was. Notably, all applications and data available on the site before the hack had been saved.

Commenting on the development, Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin noted:

“We have helped our community restore the work of the site. That has not been a typical hacking. The hackers have decided to present themselves and apply for participation in the hackathon in such a way. We have contacted them to clarify the project’s details. Although we do not support hackings, the project in question devotes attention. We suggest that the project has the potential to have an impact on the further development of the DeFi market.”

What is Hacken?

While you have been reading about the spectacular turn of events, it is imperative to share details on Hacken. For the uninitiated, Hacken is an Estonia-based cybersecurity consulting company that is leveraging blockchain technology to safeguard users over the Internet from seasoned hackers and other similar cyber threats.

Hackens official website states that the company aims to improve personal virtual security with its tools available on both Android and iOS platforms. Hacken offers an exhaustive suite of cybersecurity tools including DarkNet Monitoring, Digital Wallet, and VPN, among similar robust products. To keep up with the latest updates in the Hacken ecosystem, follow them on Twitter @hackenclub

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