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Guarda Wallet Launches Multisignature Functionality for Bitcoin

Guarda​ has recently become the first multi-currency crypto wallet to offer support for Multisignature. Multisignature (also known as Multisig) wallets make it possible for two or more users to have access to the funds.

Contrary to the usual single-key addresses, Multisig wallets need several parties to sign the transactions – the signatures are generated with the use of different private keys. Multisignature wallets are useful for those willing to co-manage cryptocurrency funds. This way, several parties can create a shared wallet and manage transactions with mutual consensus.

Besides being a tool for enabling crypto transactions for groups of people, Multisig can also be an extra protection tool for those concerned with password loss or cryptocurrency theft.

Making Multisignature creation possible within a lightweight multi-currency wallet is no easy task – Guarda Wallet team, joined by ​Whales Heaven​, were ready to take this challenge and make Multisig go live. The main reason for enabling Multisig was community feedback that pushed the development.

Guarda is not planning to stop on having Multisig for BTC – the team is already working on getting Ethereum Classic ETC (currency chosen by a community-run poll), Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash and a wide range of other coins on board for Multisignature.

“We are here to offer wallet functionality yet unheard of – this is why expansion and having as many cryptocurrency management features is crucial for Guarda. Joined byWhales Heaven, we are enabling Multisignature – something that multi-currency wallets have not been offering yet. Adding Multisig is absolutely dictated by the community demand and we’re happy to offer our services!” – Paul, CEO Guarda Wallet.

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