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We are creating the ecosystem of the decentralized economy and we can’t do it alone. This grant will help to empower innovation and development, and to sustain the expansion of a varied and booming ecosystem.

Project Hydro is partnering with which is a Software Development company having expertise in Web, Mobile, Blockchain, AI/ML, VR/XR, IT Consulting and Development.

We will provide a grant to to develop applications on top of HYDRO. This partnership will help Hydro to capitalize on current and future waves of finance technology, including Blockchain related development.

How will it change the ecosystem?

Project Hydro is a second layer solution built on top of Ethereum. We, Project Hydro foundation is one of the developers on top of Project Hydro, another developer is Hydrogen, a Delaware Company. From now on will be the 3rd developer that will be building their products on top of Project Hydro Protocols.

Purpose of is to contribute to the Hydro Community by building some easy-to-use, secure, practical applications. As per the agreement, they will build a number of products and release them in next 6 months and some of them are:

1. dApp: Hydro e-Commerce Platform, Time: 3 months

This will be an open, distributed platform, whose purpose is to allow users to buy and sell products and services, it will include money escrow and buyer/seller qualification, something like eBay.

2. dApp: Hydro Media Platform, Time: 3 months

This will be an open, distributed platform, whose purpose is to allow users to buy and sell tickets for shows, broadcast live shows and events, and sell/buy courses. provides services like Blockchain Development, dApp Development, Smart Contracts Development, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Also provide General development services like Application Development, Web Development, AI/ML Development, and TensorFlow.

About was established in 2013 by ex-Fortune 500 consultants in Uruguay, and have over the years worked for clients in Australia, Canada, the European Union, the UK, and the USA.

They started creating software for Bitcoin start-ups in 2013, and since then, have developed two Bitcoin exchanges and many other developments too. They are both tech-savvy and focused on business outcomes. Also can help clients to turn Blockchain into a friendly and useful tool.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:

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