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We are in the part of the world where what will need most to survive is our skill and talent. There is a need to explore the blockchain space with the same talent and skills.

In an interview with coinnewsextra, Moris Gitonga – an experienced freelancer and ICO, IEO and STO whitepaper writer explained how one’s skill and services can be utilized in the blockchain space.

Some freelancers are sceptical about entering the blockchain space. They don’t know if it will profit them. Most of them don’t even know the Freelancing opportunities in the crypto and blockchain space.


According to Moris,

“Freelancing is a form of self-employment whereby you have some skills and services that you can provide to some certain target – people who are need of your skill.”

“Freelancer is someone who is working with different client and companies. Freelancers are free to set their price, working period, people that work for them and their clients.”

“There so many things people can do with freelance; there are lots of freelance opportunities,” said Moris.

Freelancing opportunities

“Blockchain and crypto space are quite new. It is an industry that is growing and facing tremendous challenges”

“There have been several projects happening around the space that needs guys that have technical skills”

There are freelance opportunities. You can venture into Blockchain development – the core development of blockchain, smart contract, Infrastructure and Network. You can sell these skills by teaching people for a fee.

You can be a content writer; you write for companies, advertise their products, discuss the technical concept and educate people about Blockchain on website and blog page.

There are opportunities for freelancers in the block because the demand is high. All you need to do is to be efficient, capable, professional and committed to quick delivery.

“I can say with confidence that there are opportunities as long as you have those skills”, said Moris.

Case study – Kenya

People first interest in Blockchain is as a result of their impression that Blockchain is an Investment scheme. The only time we see the genuine interest is when the concept is explained to them and they understand. Meet-ups – virtual meetups can be done now to encourage adoption of cryptocurrency.

It is not only about education; awareness is also needed. In the case of Kenya where mobile money is very common but with high fees, people are not aware of the Blockchain alternatives. Though they might know Blockchain if they are not aware of its opportunities, they will not be able to explore it.


For you to be successful in the Blockchain space, Moris advised:

“You need to set your target and if you are ambitious, make sure you have a workable team that you will pay at the right time. Also, make your services more attractive and deliver at the right time.”


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