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Four Telcos Test Blockchain Solution To Automate Roaming Discounts

A group of four international telecommunications companies are currently testing a blockchain-based solution to automate the management of inter-operator roaming discount agreements. According to a report published Mobile Europe, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile US, Telefonica and Orange say the solution vastly reduces the complexity of the current system, and is “production ready.”

Fintech Roadmap Inaugurated by the SEC Nigeria
The new solution revamps a process that hasn’t changed in many years and involves drafting, signing and manually implementing agreements for discounted roaming charges.

Automating this workflow speeds up and streamlines this process. Use of blockchain means that the terms of the agreement cannot subsequently be altered.

“The inter-operator workflow in roaming has been basically unchanged for the last 20 years. In the near future however, new services […] will drastically increase the complexity of inter-operator discount agreements and respective settlements. This blockchain-based solution is the start of automating sections of our workflow. It will put us in a position to handle the additional complexity while increasing overall efficiency.”

Following the trial, there are plans to open-source the code, to allow the wider industry free access to the system.

There are also hopes that the technology could be developed to further improve the roaming wholesale market, for instance, by automating settlement processes between operators.

A large part of the economy will always remain dependent on gamers. Whether it was parents throwing down $200 for a Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1980s or millions enticed by freemium models, people around the world are drawn in by addictively fun games. Blockchain-based games like The Sandbox (TSB) are fulfilling these needs for a new generation of users, and Ethereum has been quick to capitalize on its success.

The first presale of TSB was in Dec. 2019, which sold more than 3000 pieces of LAND – virtual spaces in the game – in four hours. Sandbox announced the second presale on Feb. 16 sold 6,192 pieces, bringing in 800 ETH, or approximately 206,000 USD.  

The game has 166,464 pieces of LAND in total, meaning about 5% of the available space has already been sold in these presales. The major buyers are other gaming companies like CryptoKitties, My Crypto Heroes, Old Skull Games, as well as, a website ranking and analyzing decentralized applications.

Games with nonfungible token technology like TSG are the key to the mass adoption of crypto. What started as a mobile creation game with more than 40 million downloads has become one of the most coveted blockchain games on the market. COO and cofounder Sebastien Borget is aware of the effect TSB has had:

“The success of the first two presales of The Sandbox strongly validates our approach to building a gaming metaverse, showing the growing interest from creators and gamers in the benefits of true digital ownership that will allow them to monetize their future creations within an open economy. We can see without any doubt that users are ready to jump into our vision of the Metaverse.”

The Sandbox is expected to launch in late 2020. However, a third presale of the highly desired LAND may be announced in the near future.

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