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Former UNICEF official joins Electroneum team

Globally Recognized official David Bull has announced he would be joining crypto asset Electronuem, In a bid to uplift the commerce and Educative Sector of the UK-based cryptocurrency project among top-level non-governmental organizations and corporations.

Unlike any other blockchain, Electroneum network is run by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who benefit from their work by using the ETN they receive in block rewards to enhance their own charitable initiatives.They are using the power of blockchain to unlock the global digital economy for millions of people in the developing world.

The development Geek will focus his intellectual skills on the groundwork in developing countries to ensure that Electroneum’s free e-learning TaskSchool platforms are successful in helping end financial exclusion, according to experts.
In the blog post, Bull explains that current initiatives aimed at helping the globe’s poorest people to improve their lives and catch up to the developed world, fit poorly with a rapidly digitising world. The answer, for him, is the Electroneum crypto asset, the company behind it, and its various initiatives to provide access to bank-like facilities, and education, whilst helping individuals find work in a global economy rapidly shifting towards freelance positions.

Mr. Bull also expressed excitement over joining Electroneum, a cryptocurrency he said is unlike any other in the industry and believes his connections within the world of charity and philanthropy will allow him to help the company forge valuable connections across the industry. He adds :
“Young people in particular would be able to make a living in their own community rather than feeling the need to move to another city for low paid and often exploitative low skilled work. They would spend their earnings in the community, driving development for other local businesses, and potentially lifting a whole community out of poverty and giving them back control of their lives and livelihoods.”

“It is an ecosystem of initiatives working in innovative, dynamic and creative ways to bring digital and financial inclusion and better and more sustainable livelihoods to those who are left behind,” he stated. “This seems to me to be just the kind of innovation which can help ensure that by 2030 no-one is left behind, unconnected and financially excluded.” Mr. Bull believes in maintainable Development Goals aimed at increasing the standard of living in Earth by year 2030.

David Bull left UNICEF UK in July 2016 after 16 years and became an independent consultant for educational and international development NGOs.Mr. Bull has also been praised for his leadership roles at Amnesty International, transforming the UK branch of the NGO into the most prominent worldwide Units.Under Bull’s leadership, the UK chapter of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund became one of the most successful, influential, and innovative. It also became a leader in developing robust and lasting corporate partnerships.

It will be recalled that last week Electroneum CEO Richard Ells, featured on Coinnewsextra interview were he talked about some progress Electroneum had made and their future plans . He also had an AmA section, were he answered major questions been asked by Electroneum community.

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