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FixPolitics (#FP) Hackathon  


There is a need to expand the voters’ participation in the electoral process and also leverage technology to sustain momentum for community engagement. Apathy has become a potent weapon to “foist” unpopular candidates on Nigerians and citizens who do not have the requisite information to organize for different outcomes.

We want to use this hackathon to find meaning to three things:

1. Voting Process: The complexity of voter registration and other challenges make it difficult for voters to easily possess voters card, find polling units and vote on election day.

Challenge: How can we develop a resource hub (including leveraging on existing platforms) for voters which provides candidate information, past performance of incumbents, polling stations, allocations to their communities and other data  required to make informed electoral decisions.


2. Office of The Citizen Awareness: The office of the citizen is the highest office in the land. Voters do not understand the power they have as citizens to effect meaningful change. #FP has identified that there are 4 stakeholders who can provide information to candidates on the Office of The Citizen. These are; Advocates(general  populace who would like to be involved and encourage people to vote with in their sphere of influence), Community Organizers (#FP volunteers/ recruits who can help  inform people), Community Leaders (existing leaders in communities), and Partners (Existing Organized Groups/Organizations in a society which cut across   socio-economic classes e.g. NBA, NSE, WIMBIZ, NURTW, Students Unions etc.)

Challenge: How can we build a platform to manage community organizing,localised advocacy and voter registration drive in Nigeria,fully decentralised and personalised to the community level?


3. Candidate Selection: Users also do not have the required information to optimise their experience on the election day. They have no knowledge of all candidates and no way of measuring the performance of existing candidates up for re-election by an  incumbent party. The electorate needs to discourage the re-election of non-performers

Challenge: How do we leverage on existing platforms developed by civic organizations such as EiE, Co-Creation Hub, BudgIT, Community Life Project and other organizations to transform access to accountability-related data for users?


The #FixPolitics Hackathon

A convening of data enthusiasts, developers and product designers dedicated to the development of a platform that delivers voters’ information hub, Community orangizing and political accountability

Venue: Co-Creation Hub/Virtual Connection

Time: 10:00am prompt

Date: December 12, 2020

Register here:

For more information on our three challenges,

Please visit:

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