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EXENOX (EXNX) Partners With Coinnewsextra (CNE)

EXENOX (EXNX) Partners With Coinnewsextra (CNE)

Exenox  ( EXNX) token is a multi-purpose blockchain integrated smartphone ecosystem with mobile mining capabilities designed to connect the user to various mobile applications and network providers. The Exenox Smartphone is designed for ease of blockchain to mobile integration and use.

The core of the Exenox Mobile project is to design, brand and create affordable blockchain-integrated mobile devices with high technological requirements that offer durability and excellent usability spurring a friendly ecosystem that makes life easier and smarter.

The Exenox products target both the developed and the emerging markets with ease to acquire and afford but maintaining high quality with strict adherence to the industry standards.

The Exenox Token

This  Token (EXNX) is a deflationary ERC-20 Smart Contact built on the Ethereum blockchain. The entire Exenox Mobile project is powered by the EXNX which allows majority of the operations to be carried out.

Exenox ̣ (EXNX) AIRDROP LIVE !!!

Participate in our airdrop campaign and earn up to 50 EXNX ( $25) after completing the mission and 25 EXNX ($ 12)for each

Circulating : 2,000,000 EXNX

Exenox ̣ (EXNX) – Token Info

Name : Mobile token
Symbol : EXNX
Decimal : 6
Total supply : 5,000,000 ( 1% burning/ transaction )

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Coinnewsextra platform:

Coinnewsextra  (CNE) is a media platform that report a wide range of events on Financial technology (fintech) Artificial Intelligence (AI), crypto assets, and Blockchain happenings in Nigeria, Africa and World at Large. The platform also delivers the most accurate and updated news from both the decentralized and centralized worlds.

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With this partnership more heights will be attained in the Blockchain industry. There will be a relief that Exenox and Coinnewsextra will have a successful co-ordination for all activities and projects jointly collaborate from now on to foster Crypto and blockchain adoption and education.

There is a high expectations with the new partnership, in the Blockchain industry, the aim to make a difference for the users.

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