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Ethereum Leads the Way as NBA Team Authenticates Auctioned Items on its Blockchain

The Sacramento Kings, an NBA basketball team, has partnered with ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum (ETH) development studio, to introduce a new auction platform that handles live bidding on in-game sports gear using a supply chain product called Treum.

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Another Leap in the Basketball Business

All auctioned items will be authenticated using an Ethereum blockchain-powered platform, in order to create a transparent audit trail of product history and associated transactions. This will ensure that the fans are getting authentic NBA gear.

Basketball fans may take part in live auctions of game-worn gear during the Kings’ home games. The platform is currently available through the website and via the Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center app. It was launched on January 15 when the Kings faced off against the Dallas Mavericks in Sacramento.

Kings shooting guard Buddy Hield’s game-worn jersey had been auctioned off during the game with the proceeds being donated to the ongoing Hurricane Dorian relief program. All other proceeds from future auctions will reportedly be managed by the Sacramento Kings Foundation.

Blockchain Integration into Basketball

Sacramento Kings CTO Ryan Montoya said “We are excited to announce another blockchain first as we strive to continue to enhance the fan experience. We have integrated blockchain technology into our business across multiple platforms, including our reward program, and now our fans will have the opportunity to securely purchase authentic game-worn merchandise in real-time using an innovative blockchain-based solution.”

Bradley Feinstein, head of ConsenSys business development, remarked: “The digital era has drastically increased access and optionality for many consumers, but it has also decreased verifiable provenance. How can you be sure that the physical goods delivered to your door are legitimate and as real as advertised? How can you trust the authenticity and ownership history of something you bought online?”

Ethereum, A Yardstick for Blockchain Transparency

Feinstein also pointed out that the Ethereum blockchain is increasingly being used to promote greater transparency by allowing users to accurately verify important information.

He added ”We’re unlocking more profound ways to provide visibility into complex global supply chains and empower consumer behaviors.”

The market capitalization of the US sports memorabilia industry stands at $5.4 billion annually, however, there are no established standards for authenticating products and protecting fans from buying fake merchandise. ​

Fret Not. You Are Not Buying Fake Items!

The Sacramento Kings and ConsenSys aim to increase the resale potential for authenticated items via secondary markets. Anyone can participate in the live auctions, which run on game day, beginning right before tip-off through 11:59 p.m. PT. The highest bidders will get the authenticated gear, which will be tagged and verified. They’ll also receive a digital token that will serve as proof of ownership and as a Certificate of Authenticity.

The token will also create an official record of the item and serve as an audit trail that passes from one owner to the other. The auction’s winner will be the sole owner of the token, which will contain time-stamped, encoded and verified data about the game, season and player.

The platform will maintain records of the merchandise’s origin and authenticity by using ​Treum​, a ConsenSys-backed product that allows users to develop trust with their customers via “transparency, traceability and tradability.”

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