Elon musk accept Bitcoin payments for Tesla

Let’s have a look at the reason a 1.5 billion Dollar investment led to an all-time high in Bitcoin.

A lot of people think there are Bullish and Bearish markets out there. This is simply said a mistake by default. Of course there are times where Bitcoin stuck and fall from a all-time high. And of course there are times when Bitcoin breaks through. In between people use technical analyses and as long this in the range of an ATH and MID TIME LOW this is a good possibility building bets, short and long Bitcoins. 

The investment world have been run a long time this way. Because it was a necessary to force inventions and developments on Bitcoin and the infrastructure behind. The times price jumps high capital firms are willed to invest. Today we have fintech products around Bitcoin and Bitcoin Teller Machines (as pendant to ATM’s). We see side chains like Lightning and Liquid. RSK has turned fully to Bitcoin development and has now opened it offers something like Uniswap to the Bitcoin Network with the security of BTC and the possibility of  0 transaction fees addressing a DeFi Token. Bitcoin is showing how flexible it has become over the years. For those who like privacy taproot and schnoor signatures happened and keep Bitcoins anonymity. 

The financial storm on the economy, the lost of millions of jobs and the lost trust in governments when they started to fight citizen with a virus fairytale opened a new dimension for a lot of people defining their own position. We saw big hacks during the lockdown and we have seen young people acting like hedge funds to the market and playing with the same games people short Bitcoin and influence price. It is legal but we have seen the old economy struggled and even Reddit a big forum for freedom of speech censor shipped people organizing flash bets on shares, where the big players put lost positions in and lost huge sums. Robin hood delisted traders and the question left why rules only work for the big not for the small. 

The Game Stop example and the economic crises showed a lot of people how fast money could become worthless by inflation. Look around Europe and America printing money without end and more people die in development countries by hunger caused on job losses. The markets not supported by European and American customers anymore and an end is not forecastable.

Big companies saw they can only survive building reserve funds if they do not want to be eliminated from the markets. Tesla with 45 Million followers is the new iconic like John McAffe has been. Both are kind of tech freaks of their times and look simple like the rebellions against old structures must come to an end. One as an outlaw sailing through his story, avoid taxes and praising cryptocurrency, a modern pirate and for sure last one of his kind. The other a young innovator who doesn’t care if people fine or not about his visions. A self-made billionaire who is that crazy investors started to trust. Stock market crash on Tesla? Elon Musk just get another funding round. Space X crash? More money came in. Cars in tunnel systems 6 feet under? The money runs to him. He is not shy. Telling people even they do not like his view of truth he doesn’t has to regret because he is kind of untouchable. His fellowers believe in the vision of a new age. He doubts Covid? No one judges him. If you do a shitstorm comes around. 

And he is a normal person, not a snob like Bezos, Gates or other not identifiable persons. He is a shooting star like Bill was in his young years. He understands playing around with the believes of a new generation and he is fun. Really. Bitcoin is all about this. The perfect investment, the perfect shareable value and a rebel understand the new generation. Bitcoin is fun. 

Everyone now is not expecting Bitcoin as a shady coin it has called by central banks and economy who hold on their own stubborn view by living in the past. More and more prominent investors rush into Bitcoin and the halving takes effect. As time of writing the BTC is around US$44,000. And this time it is not a liquidation invest for a short time like 2017 when US companies used a loophole in a law until it has been fixed in January 2018 so they have to sell their Bitcoins and people thought it was a bubble. 

This is the answer to the failures of an economic not understanding that Bitcoin is the new invest into a new monetary system. Hodling, Trading and halving lead the spiral up until we are not able to exchange anymore. Either because there is not enough money to support and fear of hyperinflation on the fiat market rush in and banks stop exchanging. On the other hand like in Nigeria central banks banned BTC. And this will lead into a new run on Bitcoin because the demand will skyrocket. Nigeria doesn’t belong to an exchange in their country. The DeEx market is just in the beginning and OTC the high bet today. Bisqu added just fiat payment to the exchange, where you can sign up anonymously. If this is a war on the edge of time: The FinTec will lose. Hacks will take down the dream of a Blockchain world who want to control. 

Hackers will tolerate rules but will always remind you not going too far. That’s the Risk when Yearn was flooded with 40 quintillion coins by hack and a hack has cost 8 million to earn 11 million. It is not about the money – it is about the freedom of speech.  


Written By  Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt

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