Dvision Metaverse Launches on Polygon (MATIC) Ahead of Second LAND NFT Sale

Dvision Network (DVI) has announced that the expansion of its platform to the Polygon network is now complete and its second LAND NFT sale will be conducted on the Polygon mainnet and supported marketplaces shortly. Dvision’s first LAND NFTs token sale reached the sold-out status on Binance Smart Chain in under five minutes and it is expected that the upcoming second round LAND sale will be hugely successful, considering the current demand towards the virtual plots in the market of NFTs.

Dvision Now Live on Polygon (MATIC)

While the Ethereum network has witnessed an unprecedented level of growth over the years to become the world’s number one distributed ledger for smart contracts and decentralized applications development, the network’s limited scalability, throughput, and cost-inefficiency, has given rise to the need for better solutions.

Against that backdrop, Division Network, a blockchain-based metaverse protocol, established a strategic partnership deal with Polygon (MATIC) back in September 2020, in a bid to expand its ecosystem to the highly-scalable and cost-efficient Polygon network and enable members of the Dvision metaverse to enjoy near-instant transactions. Also, it ascertains their commitment to becoming an ultimate multichain protocol, running their Dapp across multiple networks.

Fast forward to January 2022 and the Dvision is now fully available on Polygon, taking Dvision, which is already available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain,  a step closer to its mission of achieving total cross-chain interoperability.

Dvision LAND Sale Round 2 on Polygon

It will be recalled that Dvision Network’s first LAND NFT sale made history as the largest LAND sale on Binance Smart Chain, as it achieved the sold-out status on three different platforms, including Binance NFT, and NFTb within five minutes of going live.

With the successful deployment of Dvision on Polygon, the team has made it clear that the second Dvision LAND sale event which is scheduled to go live before the end of Q1 2022, will be conducted on the Polygon network, in collaboration with Polygon Studios.

Notably, during Dvision’s first LAND sale event last year, participants purchased plots of virtual LANDs at a cheap rate of $100 for 1×1 plots, with the secondary offers reaching up to $800, yielding up to 700 percent appreciation in their base value.

While some members of the Dvision metaverse purchase virtual LANDs for the sole reason of reselling them for juicy profits, some others buy these hot digital properties in order to earn passive income with it. The Dvision whitepaper states that the LAND NFTs can be used for a variety of purposes, including gaming, education, hosting conferences, and more.

The team wrote:

“The deployment on Polygon is great news for the Dvision Network. Polygon is a protocol and framework that can connect Ethereum-compatible blockchains. The Dvision network will have the possibility to launch on a multi-chain system which gives users more freedom and flexibility. Polygon helps combat the high gas fees and slow speeds associated with the early days of dApps. By deploying on Polygon, Dvision has access to Ethereum’s thriving ecosystem without being bogged down by slow connection speeds.”

The Dvision team says it expects the upcoming LAND NFT sale to achieve a greater level of success than the previous one and has urged interested participants to be prepared for stiff competition.

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