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Dr Marilyn announced the goal of BURN in the Black Society

Dr Marilyn announced the goal of BURN in the Black Society

Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE FRSA, a Founding member of BURN talked about the goal and vision of BURN in one of her LinkedIn post.

Dr Marilyn

Black United Representative Network (BURN) located in Manchester Technology Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED was founded on the 25 February, 2020 with a goal to challenge and tackle persistent racial inequalities and achieve parity and equality of opportunity for Black residents.

Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE FRSA said in the post:

“Black people in Greater Manchester are done being left behind! We’ve created a new movement for change, the Black United Representation Network to mobilise an army of Black leaders who can fill senior decision-making positions across public, private and civil society sectors.”

“As the City Region sets out to #buildbackbetter post COVID, Black leaders must be at the decision-making table to rebalance the economy so it works for us too! We’re looking to fundraise £1 million to build the infrastructure we need to become a powerhouse for racial equality and grow a strong economic base for Black lives to flourish.”

“We’re looking for supporters who share our values for fairness and social justice to work with us.”

“Our priority need is a learning management system for our Restore, Strengthen and Scale up programme for the Black Third Sector, sales and marketing support as well as donations. Get in touch and spread the word!”

It is high time the black stood up and face reality. BURN is here to bridge this racial gap.

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