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Donnie Finance to Airdrop 10% of Donnie Token Supply to IOST Holders

Decentralized finance protocol, Donnie Finance has announced that it will airdrop 10% of Donnie Token Supply to IOST holders.

Airdrop a major event for Donnie Finance

According to Donnie Finance, the airdrop is part of a product accessibility campaign to bring the DeFi token to users within the IOST ecosystem. IOST foundation worked with the Donnie Finance team to figure out a way to make it easier for community members who love IOST to use Donnie Finance.

Once the airdrop is concluded, Donnie Finance will gain more exposure and use by IOST users leading to the growth of its ecosystem. The Donnie Finance team will airdrop a total of 10% of the Donnie Token supply to IOST holders and distribute this quantity through several events.

The airdrop will be performed on major exchanges, and an announcement will be made on the participating exchanges. This development will help provide initial exposure to the Donnie Finance ecosystem and offer significant benefits to IOST token holders.

Airdrop Release Schedule

The airdrop will occur on February 25th from 16:00 (GMT +8), and a snapshot will be taken after the first block is created. Thereafter the airdrop will be sent to exchanges and distributed within a week from the snapshot date.

Exchanges that wish to support IOST snapshot DON airdrop will have to close deposit and withdrawal by Thursday, February 25th, at 00:00 (UTC +8) and share IOST wallet with the IOST Foundation.

Decentralized protocol built on IOST

Donnie Finance is a Korea-based decentralized platform that is built on IOST blockchain and uses top-notch technology to offer decentralized financial services. The DeFi protocol is powered by its governance token DON which is an ERC-20 token.

Donnie Finance plans to launch a total of seven products starting with the launch of the Yield Farming Pool in February. This will be followed by the launch of the first All-In-One DeFi platform that will include services like DEX, Loan, Checking & Saving, Portfolio Management, Credit Analysis, and Payment.

Donnie Finance is fully audited by and secured by cybersecurity firms Halborn and SLOW MIST. It has also secured a number of partners, including IOST, HUSD, CObak, Tpay, and DeFi Code. To learn more about Donnie Finance, visit its website and medium page.

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