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Do You Think Satoshi Nakamoto Moved His Bitcoin Holdings?

Bitcoin’s founder and purported top holder, Satoshi Nakamoto may have just moved some of his earliest mined Bitcoin (BTC) worth over N180 Million Naira at press time.

A bitcoin wallet address holding some of the earliest mined BTC, moved 50 Bitcoin out of this wallet which has been inactive for over 10 years.

The total bitcoin moved was 50 BTC, where 40 Bitcoin was sent out to another bitcoin wallet while the remaining 10 BTC was sent to a multisig bitcoin address.

It is now more difficult to track the bitcoin wallet transactions with the split to different Bitcoin wallets. Most people claim that Satoshi Nakamoto have up to a million Bitcoin in total holdings, split to different Bitcoin wallets.

The bitcoin that was just moved was mined on Feb. 9, 2009. The early bitcoin wallet contains a coinbase transanctions that generated the 50 BTC.

Some crypto experts claim that its Satoshi, while some others claim its not Satoshi. Changpeng Zhao of Binance has this to say:

“Relax guys. Much higher chance it is NOT Satoshi than it is. Although can’t be proven, this has happened a few times before.”

Anthony Pompliano claims that he doesn’t want to know who is Satoshi, “I don’t want to know who Satoshi is.”

It might still be Satoshi or maybe another town guy who has access to the early Bitcoin wallet. It still suggests that Satoshi may or not be alive.

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