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Digital Innovation In The Health Care Sector


“Digital innovation is defined as the application of technology in the way we interact with our society, which includes products processes and introducing new concepts. Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes believes that, more than any sector, the healthcare one can benefit the most from Digital innovation.

In an interview with Coinnews Extra Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes provided insight on how digital innovation could change the health care sector.

Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes is an Executive, a Board Advisor and a WBAF senator and faculty member. She currently serves as a quality and innovative officer in a healthcare company.

Additionally, she advocates for digital innovation and volunteers for various international not for profit organizations which include: Women in AI, Inspired Minds, Blockchain in Health Care Today in order to promote education and adoption of Telehealth, Blockchain technology and other emerging technologies.


What is Digital innovation?

As earlier stated, Digital innovation is the application of technology in the way we interact with our society which includes product processes and introducing new concept.

Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes stated that true innovation is something that we have never imagined before. “Most of the innovative technology that we deal with now was not even imagined as a few years ago”


How can healthcare leverage the digital innovation?

Digital innovation can be most helpful to the healthcare sector although it was always lagging behind.

According to Dr. Vasiliu- Feltes the Healthcare sector has the potential to leverage digital innovation and its impact can be structured into five domains:


Patient Care: This domain is the largest domain and the most crucial.


Management of Care

Research and Development: This domain deals with research, as well as the development of new medications, new methologies, new devices and even new way to define disease.

Medical Portfolio of Tools, which includes medical devices, medical supplies and diagnostic methodologies.


Other spectrum in healthcare:

Blockchain and AI 

Blockchain can be the foundation for several new ways and how we define health and diseases. It can be a gateway to wellness and managing diseases. And also be the catalyst for research and development platforms and novel ways to deliver care.

Blockchain has been deployed in sever types of use cases such as: medical electronic records, medical record audits, research and development of new drugs and vaccines.

It has also helped during the pandemic in managing medical supplies such as mask, ventilators and many other medical supplies, as well as specific medications that are in shortage in the world.


The way forward for the health sector

The implementation and execution of digital innovation in the health care sector depends on our society.


As a society, we need to approach three pathways which are:

1)The Global healthcare system approach where the greater good for society comes first.

2) Focus on precision medicine and personalized medicine solutions which are customized solutions for the unique individual needs of specific populations or individuals.

Precision medicine is a nerval concept that has emerged based on genomics; by using augmented intelligence and nano technology in combination with Genomics we can develop novel solutions to prevent disease and/or manage disease.

The Precision medicine approach allows us to have a completely different way of practicing medicine that is customized for individual genetic profiles.

3) Lastly, there is a need for Global Data Exchanges where common scientific knowledge can be shared for research and development for new diseases, diagnosis, new medication development and epidemiology (developing vaccines that can not only help during the Covid 19 pandemic, but more importantly prevent future pandemics)

If everybody comes together and share lessons learned, it would help our society to improve global population health.

The broad challenge in the scientific, medical and business community is to develop better mechanisms for approaching any type of diseases or prevent pandemics

As illustrated globally Blockchain can be the foundation for several successful solutions in the healthcare industry. Digital innovation can play a vital role in the Health Care Sector”

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