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Developers of the Libra Project Announces Progress

Developers of the Libra Project Announces Progress

The Libra Association released on Friday a developer update, saying that Facebook’s cryptocurrency project has been running for “five months and growing strong.”  

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In a blog post, Libra Association developer Michael Engle said that the Libra testnet has registered more than 51,000 transactions since it was reset in September. Developers have also developed 34 projects on the testnet, including 10 wallets and 11 blockchain explorers.

The Libra Association has also launched a so-called “pre-mainnet,” which is a replica of the actual mainnet for testing purposes. The update stated that the pre-mainnet now has 7 nodes in operation, with 14 more in process.

The Libra Association published its first blockchain development roadmap in early October, saying that the group is focusing on bringing more partners to its upcoming mainnet. In mid-October, 21 Libra members, including Facebook, officially signed the association’s charter. According to a blog post, the first roadmap is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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