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Delivering an All-in-One Solution for Major Blockchain Networks

Cryptocurrency has seen an ever increasing rise in popularity and adoption globally. One of the reasons investors love cryptocurrency is because it allows for fast transactions. Clover Finance is built with a single purpose in mind – to speed transactions up even more. This bold project seeks to unite all blockchains under one roof creating a user experience that will bring decentralized finance to the world. While there is a lot to unpack, here is a review of some of the key elements of the system to bring you up to speed.

There are many different DeFi projects out there, on various blockchains. The challenge this creates, is that there are so many different wallets, that the user’s experience becomes diminished. If you have ERC-20 tokens in your MetaMask wallet, and you want to use them to get a BEP-20 token, there are multiple (six) steps that need to be taken. As a user, you are required to swap, transfer, sell, buy and transfer again into a different wallet. Aside from the often high fees, you also need to re-enter details, passwords and codes every time. Getting one detail wrong could be disastrous, let alone a time consuming and stressful experience for the user. The Clover Finance platform solves this with its unique wallet and cross-chain interoperability platform.

About CLV Token:

A central part of the exciting Clover Finance ecosystem is its native token – CLV, which represents the value of Clover Finance. Using CLV, users can stake it, which supports its own consensus mechanism, and earn rewards. The CLV token can also be used to pay transaction fees in the marketplace. Another income stream for CLV owners is that holders have the right to receive dividends from Clover’s profits. CLV is also a governance token, which gives holders election and voting rights.

The Clover Finance Wallet’s “Always-On” feature:

The Clover Finance wallet is currently the only software wallet that is “always on”. Traditional crypto wallets have needed users to enter a seed phrase or a private key to secure their crypto assets, however this does have multiple risks.  Should Crypto holders forget their seed phrase or private key, they could lose all their assets. They could also lose their funds if their seed phrase or private key is hacked. The Clover wallet solves this by providing the OAuth social login mechanism, no passwords and no downloads. In addition, the wallet can also be connected through accounts with Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc. to make it a simpler system and better user experience.

For the first time, through the use of Clover, users can secure their assets without complicated seed phrases or private keys.

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