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DAOMaker (DAO) Ecosystem Reaches New Milestone

DAOMaker has reached another significant milestone in its journey towards creating a decentralized ecosystem for retail venture investing. The multi-million dollar project has now attracted new partners into its ecosystem and has also rolled out juicy yield farming programs to enable users to make the most of the rapidly evolving decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

DAOMaker’s Exciting Milestone

The hard work of the DAOMaker team, a decentralized blockchain project that claims to create growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, while simultaneously reducing risks for investors,  is gradually yielding the desired result, as the project has achieved impressive feats in the past week.

Specifically,  DAOMaker has successfully completed its incubation project dubbed YieldShield. For those who are unaware, YieldShield is an algorithmic DeFi yield farming platform that makes it possible for anyone to farm the highest yield available on the newest DeFi protocols.

Now, the team has completed an SHO for the YieldShield platform, raising $100,000 in the process and DAO holders can now start enjoying the benefits of YieldShield.

Building upon the success of the YieldShield SHO, the team plans to conduct another one for Aluna, a BitMEX and Gate Labs-backed social trading platform with over 10k users and $2.5 million in assets under management.

The development team has also succeeded in making the DAOMaker Social Mining platform compatible with Polkadot, the sixth-largest blockchain project in the world. DAOMaker will now provide governance solutions to Polkadot-based projects.

“Polkadot has had a meteoric growth in interest from developers, with over 100 projects already committed to launching on it. Governance solutions will be an essential part of such projects, “ declared DAOMaker.

It’s no news that SushiSwap has been moving in an upward trajectory since its launch. Now, DAOMaker has made it possible for members of its ecosystem to provide liquidity with their DAO holding on SushiSwap and earn Sushi with a daily ROI of 0.44 percent via the DAO-wETH whitelisted pair.

Other Significant Developments 

Notably, DAOMaker has inked a strategic partnership deal with, a blockchain-based hotel booking platform, that accepts the DAO token as a payment method. With this, members of the DAOMaker ecosystem can now enjoy the services of with DAO, which includes seamless access to more than 600 airlines, 2.2 million hotels globally and more.

DAOMaker has also forged alliances with TokenSuite, a project that claims to be focused on making it easier for blockchain startups to shape and execute their marketing strategy. DAOMaker says Tokensuite will play a key role in the up-and-coming incubation of Yield Protocol.

Exchanges are the lifeblood of cryptocurrencies, as they make it easier for existing holders to quickly trade their token for fiat currencies or other digital assets, while also enabling interested investors to buy the altcoins of projects they find exciting.

DAOMaker’s DAO token is now live on Bibox and ChangeNow exchanges in the DAO/USDT and DAO/ETH pairs.

Additionally, DAO is now supported by several leading cryptocurrency wallets, including Enjin, Polygon, TokenPocket and SafePal.

“Our DAO token has been integrated into several wallets, including Enjin, TokenPocket, and Polygon. Leading hardware wallet provider, SafePal, which supports ERC20 tokens natively, was happy to announce to its community that DAO tokens can now be stored in their wallet,” declared DAOMaker.

At press time, the price of DAO sits at $4.14, with a market cap of $68.13 million, as seen on CoinMarketCap.

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