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Crypto Game Takes a Twist in Solvenia

Crypto Game Takes a Twist in Solvenia

A escape room game in Solvenia is taking crypto and making it a key point in its plot.

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Here is the premise: You become friends with a computer genius named Leon who has managed to make a fortune investing and mining a cryptocurrency called the Escape Coin.

But Leon isn’t an ordinary college student. Leon is a student at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, with above average intelligence and a few personality defects. He is paranoid and confused. He lives in his own world and believes in conspiracy theories. He spends most of the time behind screens playing video games, programming and breaking into computer systems.

How you meet him is part of the game. You have 60 minutes to figure out where he hid his coins and escape before some nasty computer criminals show up and tie you up (or something).

Leon hid all the access codes to his fortune in his student apartment located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A series of suspicious events have occurred lately. He believes his phone conversations are being intercepted and that he is being followed. He even noticed a computer hacking attempt.

One day Leon disappears out of the blue. He is asking you, his trusted friend, to deliver him the access codes to a safe location. Hints have been left around the apartment to help you at that mission. Solve the riddle and find the codes before a team of professional criminals manages to get to the location before you. You only have 60 minutes to succeed!

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Sounds like great fun and something to do with your extra time. Two to Six people can play, which gives you the chance to pull together your collective brains and find the coins!


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