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Crypto Community React as Craig Wright Reveals Evidence Claiming He is Satoshi Nakamoto

The Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit continues following the plaintiff’s request to Judge Reinhart asking him to overrule Craig Wright’s recent objections. Wright’s council has responded in a joint discovery memorandum asking for access to data tied to David Kleiman’s 15 computers.

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Wright has also requested any documentation tethered to Ira Kleiman’s (Dave’s brother) real estate transactions between April 1, 2013 to the present. Following the court requests, Wright has shown the public a time-stamped document that ostensibly indicates the origin of Satoshi Nakamoto’s name.

In an interview with Modern Consensus, Craig Wright showed a document explaining the origin of his alleged alias Satoshi Nakamoto. The blurry excerpt from an academic journal seemed timestamped to early 2008, but closer inspection showed that not only was the format wrong but that the entire date could have been photoshopped or even edited in some way.

Wright Attempting to Woo the Community

“Ira continued using those devices up until March 18, 2019, which is at least one year after he filed this lawsuit,” Wright’s council detailed. The defendant’s joint discovery statement added it was very important to access Dave’s data as it could “shed light on the extent and location of Dave’s bitcoin holdings.”

According to the memorandum, Wright had experts analyze images of Dave’s devices and they were “able to recover some of that data.”

In a bid to give his claims to be the creator of Bitcoin more merit, Wright produced what could only be described as one of the most thoughtlessly edited documents in crypto history. In an interview with the Modern Consensus, Wright said that he had been busy digging up “old documents” showing the start of Bitcoin.

The paper contains “the origin of where I chose the name Satoshi,” Wright said. The document shows a JSTOR academic journal database editorial about Tominaga Nakamoto from the Monumenta Nipponica. The timestamp on the document suggests that the recorded date was well before the whitepaper published on Halloween 2008.

Could the Document be Fact or Fiction?

The first thing that was discovered was the last two digits from the timestamp looked as though they were tampered with. The weird-looking date was revealed by the Twitter account @seekingsatoshi which also stated: “The complexity level of his document fraud is consistently very low, seems there is little thought or effort put into it.”

Tackling the document was security specialist, Wizsec, who also ripped Wright’s latest document apart, when the researchers explained that the cover sheet was purportedly downloaded in 2008. However, the cover sheet format shown by Wright was “only used from mid-2011 through early 2015.” Wizsec also noticed the “clumsy font mismatch in the edited timestamp.”

Additionally, Wizsec asked how Craig could have known about the obscure article unless he was really Satoshi, but quickly pointed out that the article is easy to find when searching for “historical Nakamotos” using Google.

According to Seeking Satoshi, the last two digits of the year on the document are also much smaller than the font in the rest of the document and seemed misaligned with the rest of the numbers in the year.

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