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Crypto fintech platform payment solution Pay has announced that it now accepts payments in its native token CRO from any ERC-20 wallet.

This announcement will open merchants on to the platform’s over 39 million wallet holders. Therefore, enabling them to attract and work with more customers all over the world.

According to the announcement, this newly launched feature will also provide customers with more wallet options to carry out transactions. Subsequently increasing successful and easy transactions as well as transaction volume for Pay merchants.

According to reports, ERC-20 wallet currently available globally is estimated to be about 30 million. This alone holds great potential not just for merchants looking to attract customers but for Pay platform and the entire cryptocurrency sphere. This evolution currently ongoing on Pay will boost awareness and subsequent adoption of ERC wallets. Thereby providing another use case for CRO tokens, subsequently facilitating crypto awareness and adoption globally.

Apart from the above-listed advantages, native token CRO is a step closer to achieving global adoption. This is great news for the entire community. Customers can now easily carry out transactions on the platform’s Pay App using their ERC-20 wallets like Ledger,, etc.

Following its 2018 launch, the platform has partnered with top merchants like WooCommerce, as well as several other crypto platforms venture into the crypto space. The platform currently holds a huge appeal to users because transactions on its platform are free. Users only need to pay 0.5% for settlements.

More details

According to the official blog post, all CRO payments will attract a Cashback (Pay Rewards). The Cashback reward will be calculated and deposited in the user’s App.

The platform further confirmed this on twitter.

Users making payments with wallets other than app will receive 2x pay rewards. This is good news because prior to this time 2x Pay reward was only available to App users with 10,000 CRO staked. Find out more about pay rewards here.

On September 8, 2020, the platform offered Bitcoin for sale at 50% off on its Syndicate platform.

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